Can clothing really change your outlook on life

There are lots of things in our daily lives that prompt an automatic, unconscious reaction in us. It is difficult to remain angry, for example, when you see a fluffy puppy.

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The smell of freshly baked bread is always comforting. Emotions have a huge impact on our outlook, so why shouldn’t the clothes we wear be a part of that?


Our clothes can certainly change our outlook. How many times have you heard someone refer to a ‘power suit’ for example? The key is being more purposeful in your choices, and applying mindfulness to dressing. Consider clothing as an opportunity to nourish your body and your mind.

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Looking at something like mens Farah shirts for example, a consciously relaxed style offers the versatility of style with a natural calm. Knowing your Farah shirts are made from quality cloth by talented designers is a mood lifter, and how the material feels against your skin is a real positive.

Beyond that, the little details and the finishing touches that quality brands add offer an improved outlook. And, of course, there is a growing shift in the fashion industry, driven by consumers, looking at an awareness of the impact of ‘fast fashion’ on our environment. Choosing fewer, better quality garments is one more way we can make a small change that adds up to a big difference.

Designers and manufacturers are taking note. Thinking about how clothing will be used plays a part. Something like soft, brushed cotton for shirts and base layers gives way to heavier-weight, durable cottons for outer layers. Technology plays a part and outerwear being wind or waterproof is key.


Colour plays a big part, too. See the information from Vogue on how not only the clothes themselves but the colour you choose can impact your mood. Lots of research has gone into the impact of colour on our mood over the years, adopted by so many industries from car companies to interior designers. We are naturally drawn to some shades and hues, and incorporating our favourites into what we wear will have a positive impact.

And if you need any more convincing, try and recall a time when you wore something uncomfortable – an itchy jumper perhaps, or an ill-fitting pair of trousers. Swapping them for something else is an instant mood changer!