Forever in Denim: You just need the right fit.

Denim is a wardrobe essential but how many times do we see the average people wearing it right? Especially during summers, people avoid it, but denim has its aura to fit into every weather conditions and situations. It depends on how you carry the legacy of not getting over the love for blue.

We are here to inspire you to try different shades of blue in different ways with varying pieces of statement to have the monochrome thing going. Denim always enhances the personality of the men and women wearing it, provided you wear them with the right pairs.

Given below are statements you will crave over trying as early as possible. You can get them during offers or deals.

  •    Off the shoulder Dress: With off shoulder thing, making so much noise around the corner, it’s time you leap forward with your fashion sense. Try denim off shoulder dress this season, as these denim dresses are light and do not reveal much of your skin. It is going to make you look smart and sexy. Go for the one whose length ends right above your knee.
  •    Boyfriend Jeans Jumpsuit: Denim has different types and style, one of which is the Boyfriend style. Wear a boyfriend jeans jumpsuit with a white cotton shirt underneath which gives a boyish vibe that is much sexy and eye-catching. Reveal your personality if you are a lover of both tomboyish plus girly fashion.
  •    The Shirt Dress: Shirt Dresses have been girl’s favourite outfit to wear to the office instead of pencil skirt which has become an old style. Wonder how you can add a classy colour to the dull checks? By wearing the denim shirt dress with heels, stilettoes or flats. Whether it is a day at the office or an outing with the colleagues after work, it is going to suit both the situations.
  •    Denim shorts over denim crop top: This one is the denim over denim version. Traditional crop tops are being worn by everybody, so we suggest you try something different. Wear a boxy denim crop top with ripped denim shorts to heed to your friend’s pool party. Wear high heel wedges or flats with it, and also carry a slingback to match the outfit. Buy this from your saving during offers or promotion.
  •    Black Denim with Black Denim: Denim need not always be about different shades of blue with lighter and darker versions of it. Black denim is always the classy choices people make whether for office or parties. Men, wearing black over black, look as sexy as women. Wear classic black denim jeans with a basic white tee or a coloured one. Add a black denim jacket on top of it which fits your body correctly ending right above your waist. This look can never get wrong, might even give you a chocolaty boy image. Buy this look from voucherbucket at great discounts.
  •    Denim Flare Pants: Did we say flare pants and did we mention that denim can too have flares? Wear decent flare denim to work that is high waist as well. If you are a Plus Size lady, then make your DIY flare pants out of the loose jeans that you have in stock. You can pair it up with a crop top if it’s high waist, or with a top that has flare hems if it’s not the high waist one. A plus size woman might wear her plain white shirt with the flare pants and tuck it in with a classy belt of her choice.
  •    Boyfriend Jeans: The Boyfriend jeans have another outfit goal to be achieved just like ‘bad girl RiRi’ does. Wear your boyfriend denim along with a sexy bra of a colour of your choice or a bra like a top. Add a long vest or shrug to it, but let that be half sleeves. This denim choice is going to give you the sexy, confident look.
  •    Light wash denim on black denim: The Denim over Denim choice that too a lighter one over the black is never going to get old. Moreover, a black denim trouser is a man’s best friend. Get the boy next door look by wearing your comfy black denim trousers with a checked white or blue shirt; then get yourself a light wash denim jacket over it. This outfit is going to get along with any situation, occasion or season. Denim coloured sneakers if paired will perfectly blend with the outfit. Get this look from “ ”.
Patricia Patterson