How Pearls Need To Be Protected And Cared For?

Pearls are precious gems passed from generation to generation, so it is important to understand how to take proper care of it. Luminous substance in pearls is actually nacre layers containing calcium carbonate and organic proteins, which melts when it interacts with acid. Mild acid can also affect the natural pearl surface overtime.

Jewelers often come across damaged and gloomy pearls, which customers bring to them for repair. Browse this site to see the pictures of such poor pearls that lost their elegant luster and appear dull and cloudy. These damaged areas can be corrected at times through a rigorous polishing process but acid damages are permanent.

Science aspect related to pearls interacting with acid

  • Majority of the dull pearls brought for repairs are victims of different acids found in grooming products like the lotions, perfumes, make-up, and hair-spray. Each one of these cosmetics includes mild acids, which can weaken the nacre’s structure overtime and ultimately destroy its gorgeous shine.
  • Exposure to chlorine is another way peals get damaged. Chlorine is found in tap water and swimming pools. Sodium hypochlorite is actually the chlorine type that purifies water. The stuff is similar to the one found in household bleach. This chlorine kind is highly oxidizing, so has the susceptibility to dissolve the luster of pearls on contact.
  • An unexpected acid damage cause is from contact of food and beverages. A dribble, when you drink lemonade falls on the pearl then they are at risk.
  • Even your personal body oils can damage pearl surface overtime, as they are little acidic.

How to take precautions and keep pearls looking gorgeous?

  • Put on pearl jewelry only after you apply the make-up or perfume. Let them dry before adorning the lovely pearl necklace and earrings.
  • Remove pearl jewelry before showering, exercising or going for a swim
  • Eat and drink carefully without spilling, dribbling or letting anything fall on the pearl necklace or bracelet
  • Periodically remove body oils from the pearls by tumbling them in normal household ammonia
  • Gently wipe the pearl jewellery with soft cloth, before storing them

How to store pearls?

Never store pearls in airtight package because pearls need moisture or they may crack. Never hang pearl necklace on hook or the silk will stretch because of unnecessary strain. Each pearl need to be knotted separately with silk to avoid the rubbing off and nacre getting worn out.