If you are a bit prone to breaking or losing jewellery pieces or tired of pairing the same old pieces (aside from some expensive pieces of course) then you are just like me, where imitation jewellery becomes an essential. After all, it does not make sense to invest thousands of rupees on a trendy choker or a fashionable neck piece just to lose them or get bored of them in time. But how to shop for jewellery that looks like real deal and as well saves you hundreds? Here are few tricks that make your cheap jewellery look like it cost a million buck.

Say no to overly-shiny metals:  While you might be thinking ‘the shinier, the better’ make sure to stay away from too shiny when it comes to buying fake gold or an inexpensive jewellery. Usually real gold and silver aren’t that glossier as much as these polished jewellery you find in some imitation stores. So keep your eyes for the pieces that don’t over-do.

Less is more: You wouldn’t spot a celebrity pairing a chandelier earring along with a statement necklace, handful of bangles and rings on every finger. That just doesn’t seem right. Overdoing jewellery makes even your expensive pieces look cheap. The key  here is to choose one feature you want to highlight-like your bare hands and let the huge rock rings steal the attention.

Ditch those statement necklaces for a layered look: At this point giant statement necklaces are bit of a tired look. Instead try pairing your outfit with a long chain necklace or try to purchase smallbut unique amulet or stone necklaces and hang them in varying length. It not only makes you look elegant but is easier on the pocket as well.

Consider your clothing:We all know that a well dressed person is said be more confident than an ill dressed one. Adding simple jewelleries to your outfit completely enhances your overall look. Justpair a white button up shirt with a beautiful gemstone neckpiece and it instantly makes it look more put together.

Add a brooch: Remember that accessory your grandmother wore?  Yes! You guessed it right, a brooch. Don’t underestimate what adding a brooch to your plain sweater or simple sports jacket could do. An inexpensive brooch just adds the right amount of oomph without going overboard and is more versatile than you think.

So what if Santa didn’t live you a small box of Swarovski Jewells, try this simple hacks to make your plain cheap jewellery look like they are super expensive.