Nail Polish Solutions You Really Need to Show

Modified nails are currently one of the basic elements of many women’s visages. Before you apply one of the inexhaustible number of types and colors of varnishes, it is necessary to adjust the nails to the desired shape. In addition to scissors, a nail file or nail grinder is also used for this purpose.

For the Ladies

Once, ladies could not imagine life without the hand files they used to trim their nails after cutting. However, with ongoing progress, fully automated devices have begun to be promoted in this area as well. Their advantage is that they take care of the precise nail modeling themselves, and you thus avoid the unpleasant hand pain from long filing. Visit for the essential solutions in this case now.

If you are looking at a grinder or a file, but you do not know which model to choose, our article How to choose a grinder and nail file can help you . In it, we will advise you on which parameters to follow when choosing a new grinder, we will mention why it is advisable to pay attention to the availability of spare parts, and we will also indicate what devices you can expect at different price levels.

If you want to raise the care of your nails to a higher level, we also recommend our comparison of UV nail lamps. Thanks to these devices, you will not have to wait long for your nail polish to dry.

How to choose a grinder and nail file

Nail grinders are suitable for modeling gel, acrylic and natural nails. They are also suitable for pedicure or care of nails and their surroundings on the feet. With the help of a nail grinder, you can not only modify the shape and surface of the nails themselves, but also sand the calluses or hardened skin.

  • The basic element that makes up a nail grinder is the surface that takes care of the sanding. It must be selected according to the purpose for which the nail grinder is primarily intended. The design of individual attachments or cutters with different surfaces affects their quality and service life.
  • When choosing a grinder, definitely consider the power or method of power supply. In some cases, batteries are more suitable, in other cases a direct connection to the mains. The ability to change the direction of travel according to which limb you are currently taking care of also plays an important role. You should not forget about the availability of spare parts and their price.

Last but not least, we will look at the total price of individual devices. We will identify several price categories and provide each of them with a short description so that you know what to expect when buying for a certain amount.

Use Before choosing a nail grinder, it is advisable to determine whether you will use it mainly at home or purchase it for professional purposes. Models intended for the latter use are adapted for longer operation in the nail studio and excel mainly in lower noise and the number of vibrations and usually also in higher performance. In addition, they offer advanced functions such as grinding dust extraction.