The Umbrella – A very useful tool you should always carry:

Unforgettable comes often. Today one must actually be expected daily that a rain shower catches you cold. If you are not prepared and carry an umbrella with you is to blame. They are already in the practical small design so that they find also in the handbag a place. On days when a rain warning has been given, the handle to the conventional screen may also be advisable. The following report will show which umbrellas can convince in the test. It is clear that an umbrella if it can withstand the wind is always a good means not to get wet.

Why carry an umbrella?

Anyone who has already taken other measures against sudden rain, a raincoat or a raincoat will wonder why an umbrella should be more useful. Roughly speaking, all methods have their advantages but also their disadvantages.

Hiking with umbrellas has advantages

The great advantage of the umbrella: it is 100% breathable. This does not create a rain jacket, no matter how high-tech or expensive. Everyone knows this sooner or later it becomes damp, hot and uncomfortable in the raincoat. Apart from that, it is just more pleasant under the umbrella. Buried into the raincoat, with the hood pulled deep into the face, you get hardly anything from its surroundings. Under the umbrella, one has a clear view and hears everything. The plowing of the rain on the screen also reminds of the beautiful nights in the dry tent when it winds and pours out.

Walking with umbrellas, quite personally

The personal conclusion is: It is definitely worth having an umbrella. Accordingly, there is usually one with you. Either the small light trek, its advantage is the small pack size. Or the larger swing lit flex. A longer floor and the larger screen are its advantages.

Helpful tips for the umbrella

The selection of umbrellas is almost limitless. But with the help of some tips, you can also find the right model quickly and easily. The screen fits into the handbag, a small model, such as the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella.

If you like to share a screen with your partner, you certainly tend to have a very large screen, like the XL model Porter Supersize. The weight also plays a decisive role when the umbrella is to be placed in the handbag or backpack. A tip here is the mini-hand opener.

Especially in the autumn, violent gusts can often make the screen bearer. A particularly wind resistant design resists storm airing and keeps the user dry. A suitable model would be the windstorm automatic Top.

The design also plays a role when buying a screen. A strikingly extravagant model is a beautiful accessory which one also gladly in the hand takes.

Our recommendation is Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella, one of the finest umbrellas you could ever have. It is super light, automatic and compact that you can carry it wherever you go and that too with its lifetime replacement guarantee.

Lois Maynard