Tips on How to Find Tickets Fast and Cheap

Concerts are an amazing experience and when your favorite band, musician, or singer is around or is performing near your town, you definitely would not want to miss out. Most of the times, tickets to concerts are extremely pricey and you may think of opting to miss out on the show if you can’t afford them. The good thing is that you can save yourself a few bucks or even the trouble of spending your own money just to get a ticket.

Signing up for newsletters and mail listings

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to be in the know. As soon as the ticket sales being, you will be notified and you can get yourself cheap concert tickets way before they become on demand. Fans can also join mailing lists where they can find out about any tour dates in advance and even get exclusive offers and deals.

Conducting research online

Always check for the actual dates and time when the tickets will go on sale. Most sites selling concert tickets will usually sell general on sale tickets and will notify you when you should log on and buy yours. If you have to line up, you should ensure that you show up first in line at the checkout.

Buying tickets directly at the venue

Tickets bought from the venue are usually priced lower since it cuts down on booking fees as well as delivery costs which can save you up to about 10-15% of the total cost. You might also be lucky and find people giving away their tickets at a throw-away price or even for free, although you shouldn’t count on it too much.

Avoid buying tickets for the first night

A big live event is usually one that people are looking forward to attending. If an artist is playing for more than one day in a city, then it’s safer to get your tickets for the following day. The first night is usually overcrowded and the tickets at the gate can be expensive if you didn’t buy them at an earlier time. On the following night, the price usually goes down and it is less crowded as most people have already had their fun during the previous night.