Unusual Weddings

Nowadays, the standard marriage ceremony in a church or a beach isn’t quite exciting enough for some couples. If you like to step it up a notch and want to make sure that people are talking about your wedding for the foreseeable future, this article might give you some inspiration.

Barboursville Vineyard in Virginia

The Barboursville Vineyards is in a stunning area of Virginia, right in the heart of the hill and horse country. Not even an hour away from the glorious Charlottesville, there’s a 900-acre plantation with Paladin ruins left behind from buildings designed by Thomas Jefferson. These buildings were built for Governor James Barbour, so a perfect location for anyone with a passion for history. Another plus if you chose this location- you’ll have a great choice of wines for the reception.

Paramount Ranch in California

Tucked in the Santa Monica Mountains in very easy access of Los Angeles, the Paramount Ranch was previously owned by Paramount Pictures. It was used as a studio set lot for shows such as Quinn, Medicine Woman, and some classic westerns. With the dusty streets and quaint setting, your wedding day can look like a scene out of a movie, ideal for any film fanatics.

Marfa, Texas

If you’re an art fanatic, Marfa is a great choice. It’s adventurous whilst being very upscale and is the definition of a destination wedding. With the stunning views and the Chinati Foundation contemporary art museum discovered by Donald Judd, you’ll have an array of beautiful photos. You’ll also have the opportunity to have a stunning couples ring photo; if you’re still looking for your wedding rings, consider Ritani rings.

Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Although these springs may not give off romantic wedding vibes, the Thorncrown Chapel makes it the perfect location for a destination wedding. Designed by E.Fay Jones, a Frank Lloyd Wright student, the chapel has made the National Register of Historic Places before it hit 20 years old, down to its unique and architecturally stature. With a glass-enclosed open-air space, this chapel would be utterly stunning lit up inside if you’re considering a twilight ceremony.

Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington

A great choice for any nature-loving couples, the Treehouse Point is situated in the beautiful woods of the Pacific Northwest. There’s a variety of nuptial treehouses for any couple that wants to tie the knot in the open air.

National Museum of History in Washington, DC

One of many of the Smithsonian museums, the National Museum of History is a fascinating choice. Sure to get your guests talking whilst you’re surrounded by dinosaurs on the dance floor, this venue is suited for any historical couples; or anyone who likes a bit of excitement walking down the aisle!

All in all, any wedding can be unusual if you add your own twist to your ceremony. Being able to mix you and your partner’s personality into your wedding will truly make your wedding one to remember.

Janet Ford