Want to order promotional products for your brand? Check these tips!

Brands are constantly at war, and it’s not surprising that many are spending huge amounts on marketing. While online marketing is gaining attention, traditional practices like promotional product marketing still make sense. Besides boosting the image of the brand, free merchandise and products also trigger sales and create scope to have personal relationships with people who matter – customers, employees, suppliers and business contacts. Now if you are trying to order promotional products for your brands, we insist that you check the follow tips.

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  1. Know your objective. What’s your immediate goal for using freebies? For example, some products are offered for free ahead of a product launch to create curiosity, while others are given as freebies, so that sales increase. Some products for employees are meant for motivation only. If you have a clear idea of the objectives, things will be easier to sort.
  2. Find a good vendor. If you have the right supplier for such products, getting ideas and placing an order will not take time.  Check Concept Plus produits promotionnels for example. Such companies deal in various categories, and if required, they help clients with innovative product ideas, as well.
  3. Be creative. Even if you don’t spend a fortune on branding, you can get returns by selecting the right products. Products may be conventional, but how you customize these to create a unique message makes the difference. For example, if you want to promote a new variant of energy drink, you can offer steel sippers, which is an environment-friendly choice and is useful to the end user.
  4. Always order in advance. Usually, promotional products are required in bulk, and it is never wise to wait for the last minute to place an order. Keep in mind that the supplier needs to get the products manufactured, which can take time, and the whole process of customizing each of the items needs attention and creative considerations.
  5. Get an estimate. No matter how well-trusted the vendor might be, seeking an estimate for the order is an absolute must. You have to consider all possible situations, especially if the products don’t match the requested design and order quantity. Also, don’t miss on asking for a discount, especially if it’s a big order. You are likely to get better pricing from online vendors.

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