Ways to wash cotton sweatshirts

Cotton is a comfortable material to wear in summers. It is one of the softest and breathable clothing materials. However, pure cotton clothes can shrink after a wash. But, with the right technique, it is easy to wash cotton clothes. In this article, you can see how to wash cotton sweatshirts.

How to wash cotton sweatshirts?

To keep your cotton sweatshirt in good condition, you should not wash them very often. Avoid washing Cotton clothes many times. Thus, wash it only when it is very dirty. If you want to wear clean cotton clothes every time, then soak it in normal water by adding a fabric conditioner. Further, dry the cotton cloth outside, not in the dryer.

Is it right to put a cotton sweatshirt in the dryer?

Cotton clothes shrink if you throw them in the dryer. However, with the right dryer setting, you can wash the cotton clothes without shrinking. You do not have to worry about shrinking as the below-given information will be useful to wash cotton clothes safely.

The five ways to wash cotton sweatshirts


If you have several sweatshirts, the first step is to sort them by colour. Especially the white cotton clothes should always be washed separately. Cotton dye easily bleeds more than any other material. For example, if you put both white and red colour cotton sweatshirts, you might end up with a red and pink colour sweatshirt. So, this can happen with any colour. If you have the same colour sweatshirt, then skip this method.

Inside out

After sorting the clothes, turn them inside out. This technique prevents the dye from bleeding. Some kinds of cotton are delicate, so turning them inside out protects the fabric from wearing out. For extra protection, you can put the sweatshirt in a laundry bag. This way, you can wash your cotton sweatshirt along with other cotton clothes.

Adding right detergent

Regular detergent can be used to wash your pure cotton sweatshirts. There is no special detergent required. If there are very dirty patches or deep stain, then try dabbing regular detergent in that area. For white cotton sweatshirts, you can use a small amount of bleach. But, for other colours, cotton clothes use colour-safe bleach. Bleach can make cotton clothes bright and new. Also, wash the very greasy or dirty cotton clothes separately. Otherwise, the other white cotton clothes might also become dirty.

Washing in a gentle cycle

You can wash pure cotton sweatshirts on the washing machine, but make sure it is in gentle mode. Avoid using very hot or cold water when washing cotton clothes. Therefore, make sure the water temperature is normal or cool.

Drying method

You can put the cotton sweatshirts into the machine dryer. But, dry the clothes in low heat mode. Instead of normal load, you can tumble dry the clothes. When the drying part is over, take the clothes immediately from the dryer. Avoid keeping the cotton sweatshirt for so long in the dryer as it will shrink. If you are still worried about shrinkage, then hang them to dry in the breezy wind. Also, after taking out the sweatshirt from the dryer, you can steam iron it to avoid shrinking or wrinkling.


Many think washing pure cotton cloth is tricky. However, by following the above-mentioned techniques, you will be able to avoid shrinking and can keep your cotton sweatshirt in good condition.

Janet Ford