3 Things That Motivate Women Fashion Choices


The pages of the history of the fashion world are filled with the external influences of the culture and the personal choices. The women are motivated to choose their clothing for comfort and beauty and also to give the necessary boost of confidence to carry their attitude and identity. The clothes speak for the lady and now it is regarded as a powerful way of expressing one’s motives and identity.

Factors that influence Women fashion choices

 The following are the factors that influence the choices of women when it comes to fashion:

  • Beauty and elegance
  • Modesty
  • Current trends in fashion world

Beauty and elegance

Attractive appearance is the first factor that comes to the minds of women while making fashion choices. The idea of what is truly beautiful and appealing has changed drastically within different cultures of women fashion. The perception of beauty keeps changing from an individual to individual. Women need to look and feel confident and thus choose their clothing according to what makes them feel enticing.


The concept of modesty is also an ever-changing topic and depends on the place and time. It is still forbidden in some Arabian countries to reveal too much and it is considered offensive. So a modest way of dressing is highly influential on fashion and women need to dress according to the situation and surrounding. It would be absurd to dress formally for a beach party likewise to wear casuals when attending formal ceremonies and meetings.

Current trends in fashion world

Women always try to keep up with the latest fashion trends and are always on the lookout for the new color, style, and accessories. They try to even mimic their favorite celebrities in terms of dressing up. They idolize the shoes, accessories and sometimes even the hairdo.


Pulling off a dress in style depends on the attitude and elegance of the woman. Once a woman dresses comfortably she is bound to feel confident in her own skin and this is considered truly beautiful and alluring in its own right.

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Patricia Patterson