5 Fabulous Ways to Pair up a T-Shirt

T-shirt is a really versatile upper wear and it doesn’t just go with jeans. Whether you have plain t-shirt or a printed t-shirt, a v neck or a crew neck, you can mix it up and break the monotony of just jeans. You can even wear your personalized t shirts for men if you are a big DC fan. Here are five pair-ups with t-shirts that would easily jazz up any dull day.

Field Trouser

One of the greatest options is a roomy field trouser if you don’t like tight-fitted pants. You can go for military ones, which are oversized colored navy blue and beige as they could match any kind of t-shirt.Image result for 5 Fabulous Ways to Pair up a T-Shirt

Tapered Pants with Check Prints

Check prints have a way of making a statement, but are also subtle enough to be worn with a bright printed t-shirt. To make sure that it doesn’t look like you are just out of bed, you should go for pants that are tapered at the bottom and fit you well enough. You can even wear a pair of formal shoes and a blazer jacket. This would complete the entire look and you would look dashing as ever.

Canvas Suspenders

The youth would love this attire. This is unique and fashionable. You can pair your t-shirt with canvas suspenders and trousers. A printed t-shirt would give a much more edgy look when compared to a plain t-shirt.


Jodhpurs are another type of bottoms that you can pair with a good t shirt. It is a little fashion forward and a great combo for out-of-the-box type of people. A blazer that has the same color as that of jodhpurs can be worn with a printed t-shirt to complete the look. There is one other option. You can wear military jodhpurs as well with your favorite t-shirt for a look, which would look a little sportier.

Formal Pants

Finally, you can go for formal pants as well. You can head straight to party from the office. Just swap your shirt with your t-shirt. An elegant and fun loving look is presented by this combination.

So, when you feel that your wardrobe needs some spicing up, you can always go for these combinations rather than the mundane boring jeans and t-shirt combination. Just remember that color combinations are important as well. Unlike jeans, every color doesn’t go with every color.

Patricia Patterson