5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Pedicure Chair

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The beauty and wellness industry is booming today. The number of customers seeking beauty and wellness treatments are increasing as a steady pace. This increase in demand has triggered two major trends:

  1. The number of new players entering the industry as a service provider has increased.
  2. The number of old players renovating their services and their establishments has increased.

This phenomenon has led to an increase in the demand for pedicure chairs.

The number of people who are looking to buy new spa chairs for their salon or treatment centres has increased. However, the industry of spa chair manufacturers is not that transparent. So, it is always better to ask 5 questions before you make your decision.

Is the Price Justified?

A lot of time the manufacturers use quality as a justification for the higher price that they quote. But it is important to understand what they really mean by quality. What they claim as good quality can turn out to be a bare necessity in the product.

Who Manufactures and Who Assembles?

The new business model followed by many manufacturers these days is that they produce the components and ship them to the sellers. The sellers then assemble these parts and put the chair together. In such cases, the sellers may not be following the manufacturer guidelines when assembling the product which can hurt the quality and warranty. If the company is using components manufactured by a subsidiary or a third party then try to learn more about them as well. Try to find out where the parts are manufactured and how they are shipped.

What Design Options Are Available?

Many manufacturers offer multiple design options for the spa chair. Some of them look really basic while some of them are a class apart. However, just because a chair looks quite unique in design does not mean it is comfortable. So, a good approach here is to ask the seller why a particular design was created and how does it impact the experience of the customer. You will be surprised to find out that some designs are created after studying human body, posture, and pleasure points.

What is the Warranty Policy?

A seller might tell you that the spa chair comes with a 1-year warranty. However, when you read the warranty policy in detail, you will find out that the conditions stipulated are just too unreasonable. For example, a company might say that they would be changing a particular part in the chair if damaged within one year. However, the shipping charges have to be borne by the customer. This condition may make the warranty look useless.

What is the Post Sale Service Like?

In today’s competitive world, customer service is a major differentiator. Just having a good product is not enough. A company also needs to have good post sales service. So, check for technical support, contact centre, escalation management, etc as part of customer service promise of the company.