5 Special Ways to Propose Your Special Someone on Valentine’s Day

The way you propose your special someone is going to be one of the most interesting events of your life, something that you will always remember. Grinning out of surprise, he will for sure narrate the entire episode to all his friends as well as family, so make sure that you plan something really special, romantic as well as memorable. One thing which is worth mentioning here is that, never forget to add that personal touch to the ideas, as these customized gifts ideas will make everything extra-special. Let us look at the unique ways which are sure to make your ‘someone special’ feel on the top of world on the Valentine’s Day:


  1. Choose his favorite place to propose: Mountain, rooftop, sea beach, some monument, garden etc. be it any location make sure that the place is not only loved by you but also by your beloved. Also, don’t forget to capture the special moments on your camera. These are soon going to be one of the closest moments spend together, so do not forget to capture these priceless moments.
  2. Plan and surprise: Plan a surprise proposal for him, away from the hustle and bustle of town. You can take the help of your common friends, and arrange for some outing for all, such that you all go together thinking of it as a usual getaway but suddenly you surprise your boyfriend by proposing him in front of your friends.
  3. Buy the best gifts on Valentine’s Day for him: Do some research and list down some of the best valentine gift ideas available online. You can even visit some offline gifting stores to get some out-of-the-box ideas which can be used to make his day special. Choosing a thoughtful gift which matches his choices, hobbies etc. can surely convey your honest feelings for him. Also, try adding the personal touch to your gift to make it more special.
  4. Speak it with delectable cakes: Do not forget to add this delicious, melt-in mouth delicacy to the celebration. Make or order a photo-printed or themed cake for your boyfriend to express your feelings with sweetness. Looking at the heartfelt efforts you can surely expect some sweet words from him. Make sure that you also choose something along, may be some cute cupcakes which say ‘I LOVE YOU’ or may be some colorful cupcakes each having the initials or one alphabet of his name on the top.
  5. A ring for your beloved: This depends on your budget as well as the how deeply you feel for your boyfriend. But, it can surely be a good and thoughtful idea to propose him with a ring.

No matter what his reaction is, your efforts should leave no stone unturned. And, we are sure when you will pour in your heart and soul in speaking it out loud to him with such delightful gifts and ideas, he will be more than pleased to agree(if he loves you).  Also, stay confident and do not get nervous and hope for the best. You can surely carry flowers, some gifts like perfumes, wrist watches etc. to present them along.