5 Ways to Package Custom Enamel Pins and Woven Labels

Lately, people are taking a shot towards enamel pins to jack up their bags, jeans, and jackets to make them look extra artsy. Because, why not? Enamel pins are trendy, affordable and there’s no limit to being creative with them.

In a recent report by Pinterest, the in-app searches for enamel pins have increased multifold, i.e., about 800% increase in the last year itself. Artists, designers, and even businesses are resorting to artsy buttons and enamel pins to provide a unique outlook to their merchandise, and it is a great way to entice the customer justifying the saying-“little things matter the most.”

With social media catering a lot to the enamel pin and woven label sales, there’s no doubt that the trend will stay for a long time. Enamel pins have become a huge business opportunity itself. Also, custom woven labels are of a great attraction for textile industries.

However, what’s more, important to know how to package these enamel pins. Because of better the packaging, better the sales.

Five ways to package your enamel pins and woven labels:

Bring your creative juices to work

An attractive packaging requires a lot of creativity. You must attach your enamel pin to a flat pack. From printing doodles and cartoons to fancy designs on that flat pack, you can elevate the attractiveness of the enamel pins. Coloured and shimmery flat packs contrasting the enamel pins could also make a huge difference. The best part is, you don’t have to hire an artist. Eye catchy and humorous pins packaging can be done in a DIY manner. Similar idea goes well for woven labels as well.

Google some similar or contrasting designs or colors, and print them accordingly. Such subtle changes can go a long way in increasing your sales altogether. The size of the flat pack can be similar to that of a business card.

Utilize bubble mailers

They are by far the least expensive choice to package your pins, as people discard the packaging (most of the times.) They are easily available on Amazon. Made with a paper-based covering, they can be marked with a custom elastic stamp. They look extraordinary at a small amount of the cost of the marked ones, and you don’t have to keep a ton in stock since they are so easy to arrange from Amazon. Not spending a great deal of cash forthright for stuff like this is something super vital for a stick merchant who is simply beginning. Each dollar matters and you ought to spend it on your enamels pins, not on shipping mailers.

Cardboard method for bulk sales

If you have to deliver enamel pins in bulk then packaging each pin individually would not make any sense. It would cost you a lot, thereby decreasing your margins. Box method is creating small tiny boxes made up of cardboard. However, these boxes should keep in mind the theme of the enamel pins you are sending out. Boxes should have creative designs and artistic touch to it. These boxes can be easily made at home. However, it is recommended that you purchase them. And the artwork on them can be done by you.

Plastic or metal boxes for bigger businesses

If you enamel pin business is doing exceptionally well you can adhere to the metal boxes or plastic boxes for packaging purposes. These boxes must have creative, humor and eye-catchy designs and colors on them.

A written statement

Insert a tiny card with your enamel pins and woven labels thanking the person who is purchasing them. You can describe a little about your company or the enamel pin and provide your social media handles down somewhere. Do not go overboard. Two to four sentences would do the job. A customized handwritten note would allure the purchaser. The tiny card does not have to be all fancy; it can be as simple as you want it to be. Just make sure that the information you are writing on it is proper and beneficial to your business.

Enamel pins are a beautiful, engrossing and cheap way to accessorize anything. There’s no doubt that the enamel pin business will grow exceptionally well in the coming years. A creative mind is required to package them as packaging is crucial to these pins. You can always come up with better ideas and deploy them to make your packaging look even better.