6 Developmental Benefits Of Pretend Play Toys

When you became a parent, it is crucial for you to know that playtime for kids is not simply a leisure but it is actually their way of learning.

Let’s admit it. We are too busy doing endless chores. And we don’t even realize that we are already giving our kids the same type of toys they can play with every day. Sadly, it won’t help them grow.  Pretend play toys along with water play table from Step2 Direct can help you formulate different kinds of play for your angels and help you stimulate their creativity!

What is pretend play toys?

Pretend, or drama toy is an effective instrument to improve their learning experience positively. It can also boost up their self-confidence. Otherwise known as imaginative play, good old make-believe or symbolic play, pretend play introduces the idea that one thing could be another thing. This is truly a huge leap in your kid’s understanding.

These toys integrate numbers and phrases in a game to make it fun for toddlers. Moreover, playing these toys can:

Improve their social play

These toys promoted cooperation, negotiation as well as role playing various situation. They can learn different pretend story characters and lines, sharing and even turn taking.

Understand the art of pretending

Pretending itself serves already as a learning curve for your kids. It gives them the chance to act out what they actually saw in our society. It helps them know and understand the way our world works and be able to practice how older people interact.

Encourage social interaction

It doesn’t just stop in helping your kids with their social skills, but it also encourages your kid to know how it feels when they are in someone else’s situation. They learn how to be considerate of others and be emphatic. Furthermore, it allows them to practice good language and behaviours manners necessary when they are dealing with real life situations.


Enhance language development

With the help of imaginative play, kids can express language, which they haven’t used before. Most of the time, it let them express what they truly think or feel through a particular role. As parents, you can also have the chance to extend their language skills through simply paraphrasing what your kid mentioned utilizing better descriptive language.

Promotes self-esteem

Through giving your kid the control over their imaginative world, you are helping them develop their confidence. While they use their creativity to create stories, own initiative to make story lines as well as own personality to pick a character they love, you’re boosting up their confidence through letting them compete with their own world.

Expand their imagination

Symbolic toys can be an excellent way to show how inventive kids are. In case you were not aware, imagination is the foundation of learning.  This is not just imperative in childhood; it is also crucial for life’s challenges.

Final thoughts

Entrusting your precious and most loved toddlers along with pretend play toys from Step2 Direct in Australia will not put your money to waste. But you should still need to understand that time is a very crucial component between parents and their children especially when it comes to pursuing learning. It is not enough that you provide them toys. Kids need your guidance and support.

These toys are only instruments for learning. Be sure to at least spend some time every day for your child.


Janet Ford