8 Tips to Save Space for The Kitchen

Looking for a way to save space in your kitchen? from corner furniture, to foldaway table, to ingenious drawer, to small appliances, here are 8 tips to help you optimize the m2 of your kitchen

#1: Install tall cabinets up to the ceiling to make the most of the space

In a small kitchen, the ideal is to use all the height available to optimize storage. Install cupboards that run to the ceiling. The good thing about this is that the high furniture allows to clear space on the ground and therefore, to gain maximum space. The only thing to make sure is that their access must remain easy.

#2: Choose a retractable table for real space saving in a kitchen

Install a retractable table, it is THE ingenious solution to have a real nice dining area in a kitchen. It disappears after use in the furniture, without overloading the room and without impeding the passage. 

#3: Buy small appliances to save space in a kitchen

Make room in your kitchen and opt for small appliances to save space. No more coffee maker that unnecessarily clutters your work plan. Choose a smaller size, such as the single serve coffee maker with insulated mug to take away.  

#4: Opt for a corner cabinet and optimize the m2 in a kitchen

Do not leave your angles vacant. Pair them with suitable kitchen furniture. And thus, easily increase your storage space. 

#5: Fix a credence bar with the cooking utensils and use all available space

Use the wall portion above the sink or worktop to attach a credence bar. Generally left bare, this part of the wall offers a practical and clever storage solution. Kitchen knife, wooden spoon, chisel, rasp and all your utensils are now at your fingertips.  

#6: Put sliding doors on kitchen furniture to save space when opening

Installing furniture with hinged doors makes you lose space in narrow spaces. The good idea: bet on kitchen furniture with a sliding curtain. With it, your kitchen takes the pace and also optimizes its surface, double shot!  

#7: Bet on the retractable elements to save space in the kitchen

Practical, retractable and retractable kitchen accessories disappear into the worktop once used. A real space-saving solution, ideal for a max work surface.  

#8: Install a trolley on wheels in the kitchen

For an even more functional space in the kitchen, opt for a service with wheels. Mobile, it frees up space when necessary.