Adding Life to Your Homes with Wall Décor

Home is where the heart is. It is where the family lives and eats together, bonds over coffee and conversations. Taking care of the house is as vital as maintaining it. There are lots of tips to impart happy vibes into your homes. With many colour schemes and stylish house accessories and wall décor available in the market today, the choice is endless.

Installing Vibrant Wall Décor

Decorating your homes can be a tedious affair, but, not if you have some ready tips. One way of amplifying the beauty of the house is by installing decorative items in different corners of the house. There are many ways of doing this. Checking the colour scheme is the first thing that comes to your minds. Sticking to a monochromatic pattern or mix and match scheme are key decisions. Sometimes, a single piece adds flavour to the otherwise plain walls. Pick up a bold and tall piece of décor and place it at the point of highest visibility. Staircases can be decorated with a series of beautiful photo frames arranged in an ascending or piled order.

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Pretty posters and wall hangings add quirk to the walls and side tables. They not only add an extra zing to the room but also add a voice to the otherwise drab walls. Some of the other ways to spruce up your home could be by changing the vibes of the room. Introduce elements that touch the other senses – sense of hearing and smell. Display wind chimes near the big window or between rooms and light up lavender or other scented candles to impart warmth to your home. These visually appealing pieces resonate with your mood and impart positive energy throughout the house.

Choosing the Right Wall Décor

Every room has a main wall, which you decide to enhance with wall décor. Decide if you want to colour-coordinate or contrast the walls with a distinct piece. Secondly, you might want to invest in a decorative item that matches the theme of your home or room. While scheme contrasts, bright colour pops, and vibrant displays are the talk of the hour, for those seeking a traditional piece of wall décor, there are plenty of choices available in the antique, native and ethnic categories as well. From wall art and wallpapers to coloured cubes and contrasting stripes, you have them all. It’s all about deciding what goes with the central theme of the house.

Lois Maynard