Better Discount and Better Opportunities for Discounts Now

The promo code exists in many forms and will be one of the allies of the growth of your online store. Here are 3 reasons to use coupon codes to boost your e-commerce. Let us have a look.

Increase traffic

When we think promo code, we think of the special promotion, limited in time and valid on some products. This type of code is ideal when you already have a customer base.In order to develop the traffic on your e-commerce site, one solution is to create partnerships via promotional codes. For example, you contact a website offering complementary products to yours, and offer to become a partner of your e-commerce by offering coupon codes to its audience.

In addition to expanding its offer, you can also offer to pay a commission on each sale made (affiliation) or all X sales made (depending on your product and the volume of your partner site). You will then have to be able to manage the redistribution of commissions, which is not an easy task.You can create partnerships with websites (e-commerce sites, blogs) but also physical stores, trade shows and other events related to your theme. The iHerb香港 comes perfectly in this matter.

  1. Boost your sales

The most classic promo code is the discount code valid for some time on certain items. It’s the fastest way to boost your sales over a set period of time.

You can launch these coupon codes on several occasions:

  • the holidays
  • to the days dedicated to your theme
  • special events related to your shop (birthday, first 100 customers, new collection)
  • Customer journey: first order, X months without order.

You will have 2 strong selling points: the limited time and the percentage or the amount of reduction.

Bought, the 2nd to -X%

In reality your only limit will be technical. For starters, the simplest is the best. For psychological reasons, you will have to show the highest possible number on the promo code. For example, between offering 5% and 10 €, prefer the 10 € discount. The impact on your audience will be multiplied.

Retain your customers

The loyalty of customers of an e-commerce site is at the height of its success. The acquisition of new customers is of course important, but if they do not come back, you will be condemned to always have more customers.

Especially since the loyalty remains simpler than the acquisition. Indeed, it is always easier to convince a customer who has already bought a visitor average. Depending on the products you offer for sale, you can offer just after the first purchase, a promo code for a second order valid X days throughout the shop, or some complementary products to yours.