Bobbleheads that make interesting wedding cake toppers

Wedding cakes are prepared with lots of love and loads of care. It is not a mere culinary preparation, but is an ultimate showstopper for the D-Day and certainly needs a theme to become memorable part of the evening. Couples sit together in design sittings and these days, go further and click their photos in different poses to get them converted into wedding bobbleheads. These cake toppers are actually custom bobbleheads that can be used to symbolize the kind of relationship the couple shares.

Wedding cake toppers for the couple madly in love

A couple kissing each other, or embracing each other passionately make suitable idea for wedding bobbleheads of the couple who cannot see beyond each other. These bobblehead ideas can take funny garb with the theme of groom picking the bride high up in the air or with bride sitting in the lap of the groom. Another interesting idea to depict love and insanity between couple is to picture them while they are soaked in dark chocolate. Fun and hilarity make the moment quite enjoyable and the cake toppers are quite successful in creating some memorable laughing moments.

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Wedding bobbleheads that take ideas from the procession

Bobble head gives an awesome chance to sum up the whole story in a single symbol. So, the moment when the lover proposed his bride can be converted into this doll design. Other moments that can be easily converted into bobbleheads are – couple reading the vows, couple standing on the altar and also, the couple riding away in the red car. It is totally up to the will of the couple what wedding cake topper they choose and fully customized bobble heads give them an impressive option to style up this dessert with extra dose of love.

Add fun to the celebration with Wedding Bobbleheads

Love stories are not all mushy and romantic throughout the courtship period. In fact, love deepens more when the two people share common interests and have lots of activities to do together. Thus, such close-knit couple can pick from the themes such as

  • Man showing himself wearing superman t-shirt inside and bride dressed up as love interest of superman as an idea for making the cake topper.
  • If the couple is James Bond fan, they can pose with small guns in their hands and get it converted into 3D caricature for making the cake topper for wedding reception.
  • Another interesting idea is the one where the couple is sitting close to each other on a rock, or dancing together on a heart-shaped floor design.

Such designs impart distinct mushiness to the cake and make them more meaningful to the celebration. All such ideas are indicative of the importance that wedding moment holds in the hearts of the couple. Also, these make the wedding cakes worth clickable.

Present times are all about clicking every moment that we live. This is another reason why couple want their wedding cakes topped with interesting mannequins. These bobble heads make the cake pictures worth sharing.

Lois Maynard