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Most of you do think about air conditioners during summers as you want to beat the heat during summer months. However, you’ll be confused when you think about buying a brand new air conditioner for your home. No matter whether you’re buying it for the first time or want to replace the existing one.  It’s not an easy task as you have to do a good amount of research on the type, brand, and energy efficiency of the air conditioners. Of course, you’ll be spoilt with choices that put you in a dilemma. How will you find an air conditioner best suited for your home? Check out the shopping tips that help you to buy the right air conditioner for your sweet home.

Decide on the type of the air conditioner

To make a decision on the type of air conditioner, it is necessary to know about different systems available in the market.

Window system: This type of air conditioners are fixed on the wall or window sills of your room. The system can cool open areas and rooms of around 50 Sq. m.  It is the best budget-friendly system to deal the soaring temperatures of summer months.   In a single unit, all the components such as condenser, expansion valve, compressor, cooling coil, and evaporator are included.

Split system: A split AC has two units, both internal and external units. The internal unit can be seen inside your room and external unit is installed outside your house. The external unit consists of the compressor and is connected to the internal unit through electric cables and pipes. Split ACs are available in various designs to match your home interior and they are less noisy as well. These systems can cool one or more rooms and open areas of around 60 Sq. m. Split ACs are expensive than window ACs but affordable than portable ones.

Portable systems: Portable ACs are suitable for homes without having recommended window configurations for the installation of Window and Split ACs. Since these systems are freestanding with wheels to move around, you can take them from one room to another based on your requirements. This system also consists of external and internal units. Consider this option only if your rooms have enough floor space to accommodate the AC.

Factors to consider

Before buying an air conditioner, you need to consider certain factors to get maximum benefits.

Inverter technology: If you have used an AC, you know that the compressor shuts off for some time after reaching a certain temperature and restarts again when the temperature inside the room rises. This on/off will result in high energy consumption. An air conditioner incorporated with inverter technology can tackle this problem as it can regulate the temperature without switching on/off periodically. Inverter technology controls the working of the compressor and regulates the room temperature without switching on/off.

Cooling capacity: As far as an air conditioner is concerned, you’ve to consider the cooling capacity of the AC. Cooling capacity measured in terms of BTUs (British Thermal Units). The cooling capacity is more in ACs with high BTUs. For effective and efficient cooling, you need to select a unit with a BTU level suitable for your room space. If the AC has a low BTU level, then you’ll end up in spending more money on electricity. Hence, calculate your room size in square feet to find the ideal cooling capacity for your room. Some of the factors to be considered to select an air conditioner with right BTU are height of the ceiling, amount of sunlight entering the room, window and door sizes, and number of occupants in the room. An AC needs around 20 BTU to cool each square foot of a room.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficient model is the best choice because of the increasing heat and electricity bill. Choose an air conditioner with good Energy Efficiency Ratings (EERs). Energy Efficiency Rating is provided by considering the energy used by the unit to produce a certain amount of cooling. If the EER is high, then the energy used by the unit is on the lower side. Even though units with high EERs are expensive, you can save money on electricity bills.

Controls: You can also consider buying an AC with human presence sensor, remote control, sleep mode, timer, digital temperature control, variable fan speeds, and adjustable/oscillating louvres.

Filters: Find ACs with filters for removing strong odours, allergens, and dust. Filters should be easily accessible for cleaning as regular cleaning and maintenance will increase the life of your air conditioner.

Installation: Before purchasing a unit, you have to make sure that the electrical system of your home can handle the power requirements of the unit. Check out the dimensions of the window or wall before shopping and buy one that fits the measured dimensions. It is recommended to install the unit with the help of a professional.

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