Do You Know How Much Worth Are Pearls?

The real market value of pearl may vary depending upon number of factors like size, type, colour, quality of surface and many more. A wild or natural pearl will have more value as compared to cultured pearl.

Hence, how much worth the pearls are? Just continue reading this post to know more about pearls.

Natural vs. cultured pearls

By using various factors, the value of real pearl is determined. One of the most important factors is whether it is a natural or cultured pearl.

Natural pearls

Natural pearls are obtained from the sea. To find natural pearls oyster divers go into the bottom surface of ocean.

Cultured pearls

Cultured pearls are created by using farming technique. They can be 100% real pearls, however are less rare than natural pearls.

After many long years of diving, the divers have made all-natural pearls rare and people say that natural pearls are close to extinct. So, they are difficult to search on the surface of ocean these days.

Due to this rarity, these natural pearls are normally much more expensive as compared to cultured pearls.

Few other factors

In case of both natural and cultured pearls, there are few other factors which can help to decide the real value of pearl. When trying to determine how much pearls can be worth, jewellers use many combinations of following factors:

  1. Pearl type – Pearls from south sea are considered most valuable pearl.
  2. Pearl size – Comparatively larger pearls will cost more than smaller pearls.
  3. Pearl colour – Pearls are found in variety of colours.
  4. Pearl shape – More the rounder pearl will hold more value.
  5. Pearl lustre – For more value pearls must have more lustrous shine.
  6. Pearl surface quality – More surface blemishes the pearl will hold less value.

Different types of pearls and their value

  • The most valuable pearls are south sea pearls. Cultured pearls from white south sea and golden south sea are considered as most valuable.
  • Tahitian pearls are quite exotic with dark colours. Based on quality of size they also attract good value.
  • Akoya pearls are also classic round and white pearls. Usually, they are available in smaller size and also considered valuable.
  • Freshwater pearls are available in many shapes, colour sand sizes. Since they are available in abundant and hence do not attract as much value like above pearls.