Easy ways to customize your bridesmaid dresses

If you find a potential bridesmaid dress that is almost perfect, but there are one or two details you do not like, there is no need to despair. It only takes a small adjustment to turn your average bridesmaid dress into something truly special, or to find someone to do it for you.

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Bridesmaids have a long and sometimes surprising history. What cannot be doubted is they have become an important part of modern weddings, so you want the dress to be perfect.


You can quickly and easily change the silhouette created by your bridesmaid dress by adjusting the hemline. Whether you want to remove extra frills and ruffles round the bottom, or add some extra fabric, this is one simple way to add some customisation.


One obvious way to customise your bridesmaid dress is to adapt the length. If long and sweeping is not the style you prefer, then have some taken off the bottom until it’s hanging just where you want.

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Bare shoulders or not, sleeves are another area where the length and style can easily be adapted to your preference. You may also be able to play with any straps, such as whether they cross at the back.


The neckline is another popular area for customisation. Choose the shape and depth you prefer in collaboration with your straps and/or sleeves to create the perfect look. Just look at the selection of bridesmaid dresses available at somewhere like https://www.axparis.com/collections/bridesmaid-dresses to see just how variable designs can be.


Lace and embroidery can be added to a plainer dress to make it appear more sophisticated as well as making sure it is a unique design. Even the smallest amount of lace can be an effective addition.

Other additions

These are the extra little details that can add something more to your dress. You could add (or remove) a sash, wrap or belt to either complete or simplify the look depending on the overall impression you want to create.


Not every customisation has to be for the dress itself. The overall impact is going to be heavily influenced by the choice of shoes, bag and jewellery. Choose your colours and whether you want them to complement or contrast, and whether you want accessories to make a statement or subtly enhance the dress.