Explore Your Best Options for the Perfect Lightening Serum

Virtually every woman knows how to use face serum. However, cosmetology does not stand still. Experts from year to year replenish their knowledge and share with us their “discoveries”. Today we will talk about how to choose the right serum, as well as when it is best to use it.

The Problem

The main problem that we face after 30 years is ultraviolet radiation, sunburn, cellular respiration, which occurs every day in connection with this. A lot of free radicals appear, and the first signs of aging can be associated with them. Therefore, the first and basic serum must contain antioxidants. There must be Vitamin C, Vitamin E or ferulic acid. The most common misconception is that serum with vitamin C will be allergic due to its high concentration. The form in which it is present in sera, rarely causes an allergic reaction. According to the Amaira lightening serum review this happens to be a very important deal now.

Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

It is very important that there are several components of hyaluronic acid. Yes, we are talking about penetration to the basement membrane, but the combination of several types of acid (which correlate in density) provides a deeper penetration – the key to that very moisture. Plus antioxidants, which are also important at this age?

Anti-aging serums are aimed at reducing the depth of wrinkles only if the product contains short peptides. Most often it is a cream substance. Acytilhexopeptide will produce some botulinum-like effect.

The Standard Options Now

Standard morning ritual care looks like this: cleansing – serum – cream – cream with SPF – tone. In the daytime, the use of cream is necessary, because the serum goes deep, and it does not protect the skin. If we are talking about the night, then the serum is applied immediately after washing (using mycelial water, cream, gel, foam, etc.). Then means is selected depending on the ruler used: if a step with toning is provided, apply a tonic, if not – serum. After 10-15 minutes, when the product is fully absorbed, the face is “covered” with a night cream, selected depending on the problem. Some experts recommend applying only serum once a week.

Why do we recommend using serum just before bedtime?

It is at this time that the maximum recovery processes take place. Of course, serum does not have intelligence and knowledge about what time of day it is in the yard, but during sleep collagen synthesis is more active – in particular collagen synthesis from fibroblasts, improvement of elastin fibers, therefore night time is considered the best for applying intelligent creams and serums. If you intend to apply a mask, then the serum can be excluded from the “treatment equation”. Nobody studied their parallel interaction on the tissues and it is not known how this will come around in the future, therefore it is better to use these funds separately.

The Recovering Serum for the Person One Essential

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Janet Ford