Horse riding is undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities one can participate in. In fact, it is in most people’s bucket list. Any sporting activity, whether done as a hobby or professionally, can turn out tragic if you do not wear the right attire. Wearing the right gear plays a great role in protecting you from injuries and at the same time keeping you comfortable. For those who are keen on fashion, it goes beyond being comfortable. It is about keeping it classy and stylish at the same time. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand during competitive sports.

What are some of the best equestrian brands?

Pikeur clothing

Pikeur clothing is one of the most luxurious brands when it comes to horseback riding gear. Not only do they look stylish they are also classy.  Lack of confidence can make you lose in a competition.  Wearing attire that makes you feel good boosts your confidence in a great way.  Pikeur clothing offers a wide variety of clothes ranging from jackets, breeches, bobble hats and even socks.  Image result for FAMOUS EQUESTRIAN BRANDS FOR WOMEN

Depending on your taste, there is a variety of designs available. When it comes to jackets for example, you have a lot to choose from. The Pikeur ladies’ Sarissa jacket is a combination of style and comfort, which will make your riding experience comfortable as well as have other riders envy you. The Pikeur ladies’ Saphira competition jacket will give you the confidence you need to ride to victory.


Horse riding is an involving sport, thus you cannot ignore your comfort.  Finding the right pair of boots will give you all the comfort you need. If you are thinking of getting quality boots that flatter your legs and are comfortable at the same time, think about Ariat boots. It does not matter whether you are new to the sport or have been competing for a long time, Ariat boots have you covered.  All their boots are specially designed with treads to prevent your boots from sliding, which can result into an accident.

There are other brands that deal with both horse accessories and clothes. They include brands such as Dever, Charles Owen, Dublin and Roma just to mention a few. It is worth noting, however, that there are other brands that are not as good as they portray themselves to be.

With the right attire, a rider is able to both look good and ride properly. New riders should be keen when getting their attire. It is important to get the right fit as well in order to be comfortable. When shopping online for horse riding gear, whether hats, footwear, jackets or breeches, ensure that the site you use is genuine and will deliver as promised. As a beginner however, consulting with your trainer or other experienced riders before buying anything is always wise. This is because you get to know what brands are highly recommended and what products you should be buying.

Sandra Matney