Features Fit for the Gym – What to look for when buying a Gym Bag with a Shoe Compartment

Life can be hectic in the modern world. Something is always vying for our attention and at times it can be exhausting to keep up with it all. When you want to keep on top of things, organization is essential; in work, life, and yes, even when going to the gym.

But with so many things to remember to do and take with you when you’re on the go, it is easy to forget to put certain obvious items in your bag before you have to fly out the door. The solution? Get a bag the fits your needs and has a place for everything – including your shoes.

When purchasing any bag one should always be on the lookout for one that fits your functional needs as well as the aesthetic. Having a stylish bag that doesn’t fit your needs is a waste of time. After all, the whole point of going to the gym maybe to get fit and look good but we can’t do that if we don’t have our trainers.

The first thing to consider is, of course, getting a bag with a separate shoe compartment. If at all possible, go to view a bag in the store with the measurements of your footwear so that you can ensure that they will fit. Alternatively, if you are purchasing offline, check the dimensions prior to buying. Whilst most gym bags will accommodate for the average shoe size, those with larger or wider feet may run into problems with their footwear, so it’s best to check.

As with any bulkier item, carry trainers around with you is going to add some weight to your bag. Thus a good supportive strap or handle is in order. When carrying items for a long distant, choosing a padded strap will offer more support and comfort. A backpack or duffel bag can cater to this need well, and also offer the added perk of having adjustability.

The next thing to consider is that, whilst we don’t like to admit it, our odor is a factor after a workout. Whilst we can shower and change into fresh clothing, shoes tend to hold onto those nasty smells, which can leave our bag smelling less than desirable. Choosing a bag with ventilation can help to prevent the build-up. Though, of course, we also advise not storing stinky shoes in a closed bag for prolonged periods.

Another thing to look out for is a bag that is machine washable. Or one that has a removable liner in the shoe compartment. This allows you to keep everything fresh and hygienic so you can focus on your workout.

Finally, whilst a bag,versatile and robust enough for shoes, is one of the most important factors to consider in your purchase, also take into consideration the size of your gym locker. Whilst it is nice to have a bag with enough room for shoes, you also need one that can be safely locked away whilst you pump some iron.