Female chess look and dressing tips

The colorful plaid shirt has already been badly spoken, poor thing. Compared to the picnic table unfairly, it was adopted by the grunges and today composes a cooler wardrobe of any smart girl. How about checking some looks with women’s plaid shirt and some smart tips on how to wear this incredible piece? Rosegal

Look at an example of a classic women’s plaid shirt look all over the world! White sweater and jeans. But you can do more! See how many looks!

The feminine chess shirt look goes well in country party, which is also fashionable, goes well with social, to give life, goes well with pants and shorts.   see more details

The old implications were left behind. But it has not yet become fashion to overdo the print. If the shirt is plaid, the pants, skirt, shorts and / or jacket need to be smooth. Wanting to match polka dots, pet prints and geometric figures like triangles or stars will give pain in the eyes.

So let’s use creativity and see 5 looks with women’s plaid shirt and some beautiful tips to make.

  1. Look with classic chess style female chess

The perfect combination of the plaid shirt with indigo jeans or with a clear wash is the easiest way to please. It looks elegant, goes well with closed shoes, sneakers or sandals, with heels, skirts or boots. But for the cities, it is best to leave the shoes closed; the boots are better for a more country party. But look, my friend, none of this is the rule!

  1. Does chess shirt go well with shorts?

If the above image did not convince you, this one will convince you:

  1. In or out of the pants?

The tip is quite simple. The pants are high waist? Put the shirt inside if you want to stretch your legs. Want a look in women’s plaid shirt out? Nothing prevents. And the plaid shirt goes well with skirt, shorts, straight pants, skinny, legging, flare …

  1. Does it go well with a printed T-shirt?

T-shirt or tank top, the famous basic t-shirt is the most used combination, but if the shirt has a well-colored color and receives some print, you will make your look in women’s plaid shirt more colorful and sweet or aggressive and full of attitude. Care is taken to avoid color or stamping too much.

6 – Looked in women’s plaid shirt goes well with skirt?

It goes well with skirt, goes well with long skirt, goes well with short skirt, goes well social and goes well sport. Look how many plaid shirt and skirt combinations you can wear and stay stylish, beautiful and cherish the body:

Just beware of the combination. The look in women’s plaid shirt demands, shouts and kicks for smooth pieces to assemble the look. Something is going to have to be pretty basic in composition.

  1. Black and white

Who said that look in women’s plaid shirt needs to be colored? From so much people make rules, it looks like a black and white ends up standing out in the plaid shirt and the look gets devastating!

  1. Look with Female Chess Shirt as an accessory

Can you wear plaid shirts just to make up the look? Of course! Wig on the waist is very young!