Four Compelling Reasons to Choose a Designer Cake for Your Wedding

Wedding cakes are as important as the bride’s maid in any wedding. The cake cutting ceremony basically symbolises the very first task that the couple performs together. After cutting, they feed it to each other with groom going first. This ritual not only depicts their commitment to providing for each other but also symbolises good luck and fortune.

It is but obvious that with such a huge importance of wedding cakes the couples take extra care to choose and order it well in time. Today, they can see a number of designer cakes online before choosing the one for their D-day.

Here are four compelling reasons why couples are ordering the designer cakes for their wedding.

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  1. 1.    Goes with the Theme: Today the marriages are based on certain themes and the designer cakes go perfectly well with it. As it is placed right at the centre of the room when the guests start to arrive it needs to be perfect and in tune with the surroundings.

  1.    You Can Get It Customised: The designer cake bakers often customise the cake according to the preference of the client. So, if you want a mix of flavours or want it to be decorated with the same flowers as your wedding venue, anything and everything can be incorporated in the most beautiful manner.

  1.    Visual Edible Treat:  A designer cake needs a lot of planning and time for execution. As it is a perishable item, you can’t get it baked many days earlier. If you love to have an exquisite visual result you need to give the contract to a professional cake designer who can deliver a fresh-tasting visual treat. The complicated designs require a careful planning, tight schedule and efficiency that only professionals can provide.

  1.    Memory to Cherish: As cake cutting is an important ritual of wedding, you would certainly like to have something that you can cherish for long. Designers cakes are much different than just getting some delicious tasting cake. It can be rightly called an edible work of art which requires passion, dedication and creativity. Make your special day more special by going designer way.

The tradition of a wedding cake dates long back to Roman times. Then a cake was crumbled over the bride’s head and it was supposed to bring good luck to the newly wed couple. Till now the tradition continues and the couple cut the cake together for good fortune, luck and fertility in their married life. As the marriages today are a seriously planned affair, why should the wedding cake be left behind.

Janet Ford