Funny Gifts Ideas for Prankster Friends

Every day with your prankster friend is an adventure and you never know what’s coming next. You never feel bored when you are with them. Sometimes you become their partner in crime and sometimes you are the victim. They brighten up your life and now you can return the favour by giving them a funny gift and thus brightening their life. They might even spare you from being the victim of their next prank! Here is a list of funny gifts for friends. So, let’s dig in!

You know what they say, “Home is where your heart is,” but not anymore. Home is where you poop. That’s right. This keychain will forever be a reminder for your notorious friend of all the fun times they have spent with you.

  • Unicorn Socks

They are the master of their own will. You can either follow them into their next mischief or stand back and just enjoy the result but you can’t stop them. They are as mystical as unicorns and will take you on an adventurous ride so be sure to present them with this wonderful pair of socks.

This is a gift that your prankster friend will definitely appreciate, in more ways than one. Money may not grow on trees but it can be found on toilet rolls, and that’s better than nothing, right? Give it to your friend and let them know they are not the only ones who can pull of practical jokes.

Now, this is a twister and it will leave your friend scratching their head. The watch has silver plated case and can be worn by men as well as women. It is not only cool but also quirky.

Mission prank the prankster: tell your friend that you will prepare breakfast for them and present this beautiful sandwich notepad on a plate. Make sure to capture the moment when they pick it up to eat and finally realize that they have been fooled. Let your evil side show by giving this as a present. Although, make sure to prepare actual breakfast cause you don’t want to make the notorious friend angry or there could be consequences.

This gift is for the free spirit that resides in your friend’s heart. They don’t care about what the world says and would embark on their own journey. Made with neoprene, the can cooler are assured to keep the drinks cold and maintain the quality. A nice present for your friend.

A 3D ceramic mug is a funny and unique present for your friend. They can peacefully drink coffee in this mug and at the same time be transported into an alternate universe where they are the most overpowered gamer until they finish the coffee and realize that they have been played because it’s GAME OVER.

The blue-brown baby acrylic monkey could represent the spirit animal of your prankster friend and no other thing would make for a better gift than this crochet monkey that is as adorable as it is naughty- just like your friend.

Hurry up and surprise your friend with these unique funny gifts!

Janet Ford