Get Perfect Locks with Tape in Hair Extensions

Are your tresses less than impressive? Have you always dreamed of having gorgeous, flowing locks like the celebrities you see on TV?

Thanks to the magic of tape hair extensions, the fabulous hair you have always wanted can now be yours. Tape hair extensions make your hair appear fuller and thicker, healthier and shinier, and either longer or shorter depending on your preference. You can opt for matching or variation colours to create that foiled look. Tape hair extensions, if well maintained, can last for up to two to four months.

Another advantage of tape hair extensions include that it avoids potentially harmful methods of attaching the extension to your hair, such as using glue guns or wax. Not installed correctly, it is easy for your natural hair to get damaged during the process.  By using tape hair extension, this risk is avoided so don’t take this tip for granted — your hair may thank you later for it.

Two qualities to look for when shopping around for tape hair extensions:

  1. Buy High-Quality Hair Extensions

Only buy quality hair extensions from makeup artist that look and feel amazing — after all, they will be on your head to create the perfect hair style. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before buying your hair extensions to be sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for.  For example, do you want permanent hair extensions or temporary clip-in hair extensions you can take out and insert yourself for special occasions?

  1. Look for 100% Human Hair

It is always best to buy hair extensions that are natural hair. Natural hair extensions are made from real A-grade Remy (tangle-free) 100% human hair, which will blend and be easy to manage with your own hair. Remy Russian Tape Hair Extensions Australia are also easier to style, wear, and maintain than synthetic hair as they can be curled, hot ironed or straightened.

Making Your Extensions Last

After you have your tape extensions applied to your hair, there are some necessary after-care steps that you need to take to maintain your new tape in hair extensions.

  • When you comb your hair, always begin from the bottom and work your way upwards. This will prevent damaging and breaking of the hair so that the extensions last longer.
  • Do not forget to comb your natural hair and extensions before bathing or going into the shower.
  • Wash them with shampoo at the roots, and conditioner only at the ends. If conditioner gets into the roots, the bond may loosen, and your tape extensions may come out. Conditioner should not be applied even to the roots of natural hair, as this may weaken the hair roots and make the hair brittle.
  • Whenever you go to sleep, tie them with a scarf or in a low and loose ponytail to prevent tangling.

Well, you may not be able to live like a star, but who says you can’t feel like one?