History of Medical Cannabis

Marijuana is one of the only psychoactive drugs that has been used for over thousands of years throughout the world for medicinal uses. It was used in most Asian as well as European countries. However, it was not used as a recreational drug at that time. Hemp, a variety of marijuana, was also widely used in the textile industries. Marijuana was banned in most countries only in the modern times.

Marijuana- Its Roots and Journey

The cannabis plant was initially used exclusively in Central Asia. The Chinese Kings used marijuana as a medicine. Egyptians are said to be using cannabis for the treatment of glaucoma, enemas and inflammation since the ancient times. In India, it is used as an anaesthetic in the form of Bhang that is a drink made of milk mixed with cannabis.  

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Eventually, it had started being used in Africa, Europe and the United States of America. There is only some evidence that people in the ancient times knew of the psychoactive functions of cannabis. They were initially mostly used to manufacture paper and cloth, and the food was made with the seeds.

Medical Uses

In the early 19th century, it was discovered that marijuana was helpful in curing cholera and other bowel infections. This discovery was made by an Irish doctor studying in India. Later, the extracts of marijuana were sold in various European nations and other parts of the world.  It was soon found out that cannabis could not only be used to treat bowel issues but also for the treatment of other ailments. These ailments included muscle spasms and other physical pains. It was also discovered that marijuana could decrease nausea and increase hunger.

Marijuana- As a recreational drug

Scientists later suggested that marijuana had psychoactive effects. Marijuana was already being smoked for recreation in Asian countries since 800 A.D. Islam was a rising religion at that time and even though it declared consumption of liquor and tobacco as sin, it did not say anything about cannabis, resulting in a rise in weed smokers.

Marijuana Abuse

In the early 20th century, the League of Nations limited the use of cannabis for only medicinal purposes. Slowly, but surely, most countries of the world were completely banning the use of cannabis for recreation. This was because of the growing rate of marijuana addictions and increasing violent rate of behaviours caused due to this. However, some places still sold marijuana extract as medicine including the United States of America.

Medicinal marijuana was mostly used to lower pain and anxiety. Eventually, medicines like aspirin and morphine started being produced. The number of pharmaceutical companies that manufactured these medicines increased exponentially because the use of cannabis decreased as it was banned in almost all countries of the world.

Currently, medical marijuana is acceptable in certain countries of the world like the Netherlands. In the US, cannabis seeds are legal in certain states but germinating these seeds is not. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 29 states in the United States of America. There are various stores and vendors of marijuana seeds in the US that provide cannabis for medicinal purposes.