How to Select and Use a Clothes Steamer

Clothes Steamer are very easy to use; they are a quick and efficient tool for removing linen, wrinkles from clothes, drapes and furniture slipcovers. However, it could be a bit challenging choosing the right clothe steamer from the multitude present on the market today. And again, apart from getting a quality steamer from stores like Displetech, learning to use one may not be very easy. Below are few things to consider before opting for a cloth steamer.

Things to look out for before choosing:

Carefully reviewing the tips set below will help in making the right decision. Steam is known to be an effective way to remove odors, wrinkles and freshen fabrics.Steaming fabrics are faster than ironing them and will not damage fabrics in most cases.

  • Travel or Home Use Steamers?

Mostly choosing between travel steamers or home steamers depend more on where you will be using the steamers more often. It is ideal to choose among the top Travel steamers and top Home Steamers to suit your needs.

  • Set Your Price

Steamers comeat various prices; your budget should be determined; trade-offs may sometimes happen when comparing prices of steamers and it features.

  • Performance Ratings

The performance ratings of each model of steamers should be researched on independent websites like Amazon. Observe or study how fast and quick each steamer heats up. And study the water well capacity, the volume of steam output, stability in preventing burns and hot water spills.

  • Features and Attachments

Each steamers model’s features and attachments should be carefully reviewed, attachments like collapsible handles, brushes, steam and heat settings should be carefully checked to see their state.

  • Energy usage

Check out the energy usage and wattage on the leaflet enclosed in each model’s package. Most bigger residential models would require a significant amount of wattage to power them. Then you can compare them against paying for dry cleaning service for pressing.

How to use a clothes steamer

Allow the steamer to heat up completely before using it on any fabrics. This is to prevent sputtering of water which can leave marks on fabrics before steam appears. Try testing the steamers on a towel first to be sure you have full steam.

It’s always advisable to steam fabrics in an upright vertical position. Leave curtains to hang on the rod and hand garments from a hook.

Pressing down on garments won’t help in releasing the wrinkles and will allow the condensed steam to flow down from the steamers hose instead of dribble out.

Using the steamers, lightly touch the material with the steamers head and the wrinkles on the material will vanish instantly. It enables the steam to penetrate, therefore, relaxing the fiber of the material. And thus, wrinkles disappear. Using the head of the clothes steamer, do not touch velvet directly. Fabrics like silkrequire steaming from underneath; this is to prevent streaking of watermarks.

Do not put your hand over the steam, as burns could occur more quickly, also keep the steamers away from children’s reach. The heating element in the steamers could get damaged as a result of overfilling the steamers or allowing it to run dry.

Sandra Matney