Hunting dresses with your tribe (Bridesmaids)

We have been dreaming and fantasying about our big day from our childhood. Your love has proposed you with solitaire and now, are feeling butterflies in your belly. With starry eyes, you can’t fall asleep in the night. The tribes-maid aka brides-maids are rushing with you from one store to another. You can get the Bridesmaid dresses custom made from a boutique. You may shop the dresses that are ready-made from online stores.

Make a WhatsApp group

The WhatsApp group will save time for you. you can ask their suggestions at once. If you are in dilemma what color would go with the shoes you are looking at, take a picture and send it to the group chat. You do not want to force your bridesmaid to wear what you like, make them feel special.

Put Pinterest to use

Pinterest has millions of pictures; pin the dresses you like. Create a dashboard. You will make a small catalog for yourself and can filter out what is not desirable to you. Search with different keywords Fish cut dress, Sheer dress.

Know the Body types

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; there is no standard of beauty. So, worry not if you have little extra pounds. Take an inch’s tape to measure your vital stats, and buy the dresses as per the body types. The types of bodies are as follows

  • Inverted triangle
  • Hourglass
  • Ruler
  • Pear
  • Apple Shape

Here are few additional hacks that you can use:

If you have broad shoulders wear scoop necks, V necks to elongate the neck. If you think your arms are not toned and the wedding date is not far, you can cover it by wearing sleeves made of sheer fabric. Be confident in whatever you feel any beauty product or dress can’t beat the radiance that comes from within. You can wear a rag and rock it like a boss.

Smile it’s your wedding day!!!

Remember to smile. The pearls in your mouth should be visible all time. Go along with your bridesmaid to try the dresses.

What’s your skin tone?

Know your skin tone. Although, ladies are breaking all the stereotypes in this age. But still, if you want to look fair go for darker colors. If you have a tanned skin tone wear something like ivory shade. A white dress is a classic choice. So, if a brides dress is in white color the cheap bridesmaid dresses can be of the same color or you can contrast match.

Apart from this if you are getting the dresses custom made, meet the stylist/tailor to seek suggestions. See, what is in the trend by having a look at the dresses that are ready and displayed in the shop. Also, consider what the season is. In winters you can choose velvet, but for summers buy something that is made of net and cotton fabrics. Go with the theme of your wedding decoration.