Is she angry with you? Gifts that would change her Mood Instantly

Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. When someone apart from your family, away from your blood relation suddenly changes your world, you no more remain the same old person. And again when that same person becomes the reason of distress or anxiety in your life, you feel like something is choking in your heart. But there cannot be any relationship that is devoid of any clutters or quarrels. And the most successful of relationships are those ones where the couple fight a bit and then love a bit. When your lady love is angry on you for some miscommunication, over-communication, or no communication at all, you should know the tricks to coax her. Here is a list of certain gifts which would change her mind instantly.

  1. A box of sumptuous chocolates: Believe me, no girl can remain angry on you forever, if you get her a sumptuous box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates or for that matter any kind of chocolates. Go for Cadbury, Lindt, Hershey’s, or handmade chocolates, and she would forgive you. Now, to be different from the regular, you can take up a bouquet of chocolates which is readily available in various e-gift stores. Get her one box and see how fast she melts!
  2. Teddy bear: No matter what is her age, there is a hidden little girl inside every woman. Get her a large teddy bear along with “I AM SORRY” note to ameliorate the tension between you two. She would readily embrace the teddy bear and give you a “I FORGIVE YOU” smile. If you think that teddy bear is very common, you can search for some other soft toy like tortoise, cat, dog, or any cartoon character she adores.
  3. Jewelry: Now, this one is an expensive category to search. Check your pocket and then buy a piece of jewelry for her. The jewelry can be a junk one or something priceless made out of gold or pearl or diamond. A girl loves to expand her stock of jewelry because that gives her pride. Necklace, earring, anklet, nose ring, etc. there are many types of it for you to choose.
  4. Personalized lamp shade: Any kind of personalized gift is well appreciated among people. When your girlfriend or wife is angry on you, you have to coax her in an idealistic manner. A girl loves to see herself in the mirror and in photographs because she works a lot to enhance her beauty. Collect some of her best photographs for making an alluring lampshade and she would be fine with you quite easily.
  5. Candle-light dinner: Romance is the motive in this gift idea. However angry she is, she would never shy away from the invitation of a quixotic candlelight dinner with you in a five star restaurant. If just before the D-Day of love, i.e., Valentine’s Day, you had a spat with her, don’t forget to get this dreamy Valentine gifts for her from Ferns N Petals to win her over again.
Janet Ford