Jeans or shorts with bomber jackets? Checkout our review

Bomber jackets are the newest entity in the fashion market. These are rapidly gaining popularity in the charts for favoured by customers. These jackets have a history of their own as they were designed during the world war era for the crew of the aircraft and the pilots along with the bomber crew. These officers used to wear these pieces of clothing during the flight as these used to be light, favouring fast motion and they were very efficient in warding off the cold winds at those altitudes thus saving the soldiers without lowering their efficiency.

Initially these jackets were made up of leather because that used to be the best material to ward off the cold wind. The outer layer used to be leather and the inner layer was polyester like material. Between them some insulating material like down feathers were used which made the jacket light with very efficient insulation effect. Initially this these jackets were just made for men exclusively because women didn’t used to serve on planes. Thus, these jackets used to be men exclusive and their design was influenced as such to fit the body of a man.

After the years when these became general fashion bomber jackets were being made for women as well. Now the bomber jackets are available in many fabrics and as ladies’ jackets and men’s jackets both. After the point they began the manufacturing of the bomber jackets as ladies’ jackets these didn’t gather that much popularity and it took time for the bomber jackets as ladies’ jackets to get the customers used to them. Nowadays these are one of the most sought-after ladies’ jackets because they have a coherent capability that they can be paired with almost anything and everything.

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Now the most confusing thing or question that arises is that what is best to pair with the bomber jackets. Whether someone should pair the bomber jackets with jeans or should they go on with the selection of shorts is really confusing. Well to answer this question in context to ladies’ jackets one should know about the general looks of the bomber jackets in case of ladies’ jackets. These jackets looks are as follows:

  • Attractive Leather look: if someone goes for the leather look then there is a pairing of bomber ladies’ jackets with the leather leggings or dark shaded denim jeans. These look very attractive on women and not very much flashy.
  • Simple retro: in case of simple retro some dark shaded denim jeans or trousers are preferred with bomber ladies’ jackets. This is a very good option for the women. This look not only gives a retro look, but this also gives a very good and soothing effect on the person.
  • Old chic look: This old chick look makes the girl or the women look retro, and this is the very first and may be only outfit pairing with bombers as ladies’ jackets that makes the women look flashy. This look has a characteristic bright coloured ladies bomber jacket along with a light coloured denim jeans and when these are paired they are class apart.

Thus, one can deduce that jeans are the go to option in case of the bomber jackets and shorts are moreover a no go. Jeans can be paired with any bomber ladies’ jackets without any glitch.

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Janet Ford