Labuan Bajo: Five Tips for First Time Travelers

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Labuan Bajo is a city in Flores encompassed by Hills that rise steeply from the shore. The setting is picturesque with spectacular views. You will get here with a tiny plane because there’s an airport. These past couple of years, the city has seen many people due to the increasing interest, particularly since this is really where folks start their komodo island tour. Before you see, here’s what you need to know before visiting Labuan Bajo.

Don’t bring too much luggage

You’re going to be coming in a little plane and more than likely you’ll be travelling on a ship, so bringing suitcases, particularly the big ones, is not perfect. Backpacks are better since you may easily carry them onto your backs.

Pack demands

Ever since your luggage area is restricted, just bring what you want. Plan out your garments. Take loose t-t-shirts, some shorts, swimming costumes, panties, a light coat, a pair of comfy pants for the plane journey, a hat if you want, along with a sarong. Do not forget to bring a cool pair of sun glasses!

Proper footwear

You may require sport shoes if you’re going hiking to the mountains and hills. Flip flops are fantastic for everyday wear.

Sunscreen along with other medication

Make sure you bring sunscreen since sunlight heat is powerful. You’ll get sunburnt in the event you don’t. You may also bring insect repellant and something to assist you with seasickness.

Book your Sweet Escape session

There are tons of activities and beautiful spots in Labuan Bajo, therefore it would be a fine idea to book Sweet Escape so you may enjoy your vacation without worrying about shooting photographs. Our photographer will do this to you and you’ll get extraordinary pictures in the end.

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Sandra Matney