Printed shirt: Main item in every man’s close

I bet you have at least one men’s printed shirt that you like, but you do not know how to match all your clothes.

I also bet you stay in doubt about the best time to use some types of T-shirts.

Rest assured, you are not alone! DressLily

It is a fact that women’s fashion appears daily in social networks and in the media, but the men’s fashion? How can we find out about the main news and trends?

Nowadays, there are already several quality male blogs, and QQY’s now, too, is here for that.

And relax, man, you will not be less man for wanting to find out about these matters. You do not need to cater everything about fashion to dress well. Even making the style broad, it is necessary to have at least a basic notion on some subjects.

Today, let’s talk about the men’s printed t-shirt, which is the main item in every man’s closet.

For most men, deciding on the outfit is like putting on a pair of jeans and choosing a shirt. I’m lying?

But even for this it is necessary to stay connected in some tips. click

Types of T-shirt

Before explaining how to wear the printed shirts, let’s explain the types.

Briefly, there are two types of shirts with prints, with differences in patterns. The most traditional are stripes, poas and chess. But the applied designs, which create the prints, embroidery, photographs and phrases, have been quite successful in recent years.

The creativity of brands, who launch products with great balloons, phrases and funny images, have conquered men’s clothing because they convey positive feelings, as if they said “hey, I’m a nice guy”, and clearly show the lifestyle of that guy .

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of possible prints and a step-by-step how to wear this type of men’s T-shirt in your everyday life.

The most important of the style consisting of a different shirt, whether with a checkerboard, floral or even funny phrases, is having attitude.

Knowing how to wear the shirt with the right combinations is the first step. So, nothing to match the print on the blouse with plaid pants, or plaid blouse with striped shorts.

Remember: if you wager on the printed T-shirt, the complement must be smooth, be it pants, shorts or a jacket.

If possible, opt for jeans, which give a stripped tone without going out of fashion, or a black pants that also looks cool.

Another tip is to always use similar or complementary colors. If the print has very vivid colors, opt for similar or matching colors (but in different tones) in the other pieces.

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The good thing about the print is to be able to turn monochromatic clothes into fun styles. The main male prints used on T-shirts are: plaid, floral, poha, phrases and geometric images.

So, think which lifestyle most suits you.

If you are a person who is afraid to dare like that at first, what about choosing smaller, standardized prints, or chess? These models are much used in men’s fashion and, therefore, do not require much daring.

Another tip is to wear the plaid shirt with a more neutral printed undershirt, or a more elaborate print with a more basic (preferably flat) shirt on top.

But if you want to try something different, how about a sweater with a big picture in the center or with funny and funny phrases? A good option is also to wear double-sided T-shirts.

What you wear says a lot about you! Shirts with playful tones represent a fun, good-natured face in which people want to be close.

But of course, it is necessary to choose the occasion to use them. Daytime events such as a barbecue or a get-together between friends are always good times for them, as are parties and ballads.

These are the best moments to dare in the picture!

Days of sun, beach, weekend lunch or a happy hour with friends are informal moments that can have prints of the most varied.

For example, canoe or V-neck sweaters, oversized modeling, a striped T-shirt with pocket or a more disconnected cut. The most versatile blouses can be worn with shorts, a sneaker or even a slipper (depending on the occasion).

Prints such as plaid, pooh and floral combine with much more visuals for the day, composed with shorts and sneakers.

The printed shirts are remarkable pieces, so do not overdo the combinations or the accessories.