Shapewear Options For Curvy Women

Fuller-figured women can get a lot of different benefits from body shapers and other types of shapewear. Recapture the figure that nature wanted you to have with the assistance of this designer bridal dress products!

Shapewear for the fuller figure (also called plus size shaping underwear) is simply underwear that’s intended to alter the wearer’s body shape. The goal with most of these garments is to create a smooth, curvy hourglass shape that’s both comfortable for the wearer and attractive to the observer.

The main purpose of shapewear is to get tighter control over unwanted bumps and rolls that spoil the wearer’s preferred profile. Shapewear in various forms has been used for centuries. At different times shapewear has become a serious fashion statement; at others, it’s been regarded as a utilitarian article of clothing. At various historical points, shapewear has even straddled the gender line.

Modern shapewear can be broadly classified based on how much shaping it’s designed to do. This is typically referred to by manufacturers as a control level; most shapewear offers you a choice of firm, medium, or light control.

Light control can be delivered by leotards, bodysuits, camisoles, and even briefs and panties. Shapewear is most closely associated with the girdle, though. This is a garment that offers a lot more control and a fair amount of support as well. Girdles can either close around the crotch or are open-bottomed like the well-known Playtex girdle. Closed-bottom girdles are often combined with long leg briefs for additional control around the hips.

The hips, thighs, waist and buttocks are the areas that most frequently concern shapewear users. According to current survey data, shapewear may be more common than you think in the UK. The numbers suggest more than 40 percent of the female population wears shapewear on at least a weekly basis. As you’d expect, though, this percentage skews much higher amongst older women. Brands like Spanx and Rago are making shapewear fashionable and even sexy for younger wearers too, though.

Patricia Patterson