The Top 5 Safest Kids’ Beds

A kid is a blessing a family, so they say. Every new parent is happy when they have their first kid and will like to give them the best of all they can provide to provide the best environment the kids will grow around. To achieve such goals, one of the key features to consider is the safety of the kid amongst other needs such as good health, food, playing space and many more others.

Of course, we are talking about kids younger than two years who have just learned to crawl, stand or even haven’t started crawling. The following list has been prepared with lots of considerations taken into account as observed from previous situations:

  1. Stokke Sleepi Oval Crib

This type of bed tops the list because of the various reasons we are about to discuss. The significant advantage is its long-term use, in the sense that this is the place your kid will stay until that time they have started crawling or walking. Its usage may be extended to up to 5 years depending on how the kids behave as they sleep. The wooden frame with strips surrounding it help protect the kids as they play or relax.

  1. The Snupzod Bedside Crib

This is the bed that is most suitable for new mothers who have not fully recovered from the birth process. This kids’ bed is attached to the side of the bed to allow the mother to feed her child without having to move from her bed. This thus gives time to the mother to recover fully while feeding the newborn. It also allows for larger spaces in which the kid can move around since it is attached to the larger bed.

  1. Ikea Gonatt Kids’ Bed

This is a type of bed for those parents who will like to have customization on their kids’ beds to further enhance the safety for their kids. This bed comes in many packages which include the unassembled kit that may be ordered as one wishes. They allow for adjustment of the mattress to suit your kid and also have a cabin at the bottom to provide storage space for kids clothes or any other stuff. The shapes also vary.

  1. Marks and Spencer Loft Finley Kids’ Bed

This is a quality kids’ bed best for smaller environments where the kid may likely be hurt because of smaller spaces. The beds allow for adjustment of the height to a certain maximum whereby the bed looks like the standard bed with a flat top. They may be set to the lowest level when kids are playing to prevent toppling and to the topmost when the kid has to stand on as you change their clothes. Also when kids are grown and no longer want to stay in the cots, then these beds come in handy.

  1. Pico Crib

When it comes to portability, the Pico crib is the best option in that it can be folded and thus cleaning it becomes much easy. The cribs are covered with a soft material to prevent the kids from getting hurt when the hit. Their low prices also justify their limited time of usage which is limited to less than a year.