The Use of the Discount Code: The First Hand Usage

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This can be little information, but we’ll share the experience of using coupons in an online jewelry store. Then doreally think about the purpose. it is just that it is fashionable, but most likely the sellers wanted to stimulate repeated sales, at least try as it will.

Accordingly, proceeding from this logic, they made a discount of 5% and until the end of the, with the expectation that it is like a discount and, as we know, many shops do such simply because of the fact that you bought from them / registered. But howalready said the term was quite noticeably large, more than six months. The iHerb discount code can offer that kind of a perfect option now.

The Use of the Discounts

It was believed that the discount, although symbolic, but still pleasant, should be, since we always and always ask for a discount. Probably it was immediately expected, but not then, and of course there was not a special boom. At some point when printing the next batch of business cards in October, we thought that 5 percent is likely to be very small and decided to do 10 percent, although we now understand that such a discount is also a too small discount, at least personally for me if we would have received this one as a coupon. As well as reduced the deadline – printed in early November, the deadline was until January 31.

The Months and the Discounts

Since during that time it was not particularly fixed whether the person came by coupon or not (the functionality of the old site did not allow), and a new one appeared only in the middle of October, then all repeat buyers basically found themselves already after the fact, but rather everything was already done after fact. The people themselves do not say especially that they have already bought, so sometimes we look on the phones and email, repeat or not, to all clients throughout the database, such a revision. It’s even easier to calculate repeated orders through VC, there remains correspondence with the bot, but this is another conversation.

The Management

Now, in the crisis many decided to review the entire strategy of coupons and already do not permanent coupons with the same code for everyone, but more point and targeted, as the site functionality allows. In order not to go too far in the design of coupons,the companydecided to make them as a third of A4 paper of a quality roughly equal to the magazine page. On the coupon are a standard, a logo, and three fields: coupon code, discount, and expiration date.

And here is more statistical approach to everything, for example, to start with 2 weeks and 20% discount, then change the discount amount, then the term, and gradually come to a value that would be returned statistically more buyers.

Janet Ford