The Woman Behind Global Desi – Anita Dongre

Wish to be at your stylish best on all occasions? Buy online here at wherein you can find a myriad of online designer clothing for women from leading brands like Indian Global Desi, and so more at highly affordable rates. Indian Global Desi –one such brand which has risen to the pinnacles of success in a short span of time –all thanks to the dedication and hard work of Anita Dongre –the brain behind this leading fashion brand. Welcome to the world of ultimate fashion and unmatchable trendsetters –Global Desi is the brainchild of Anita Dongre – a leading name in the fashion industry.

Rise of Fashion with Global Desi

Global Desi is an Indian fashion-inspired fashion brand which aims at bringing high-end fashion for young girls & women of the modern India. Global Desi is a boho-chic fashion brand that draws its inspiration from young fashionable women of India and aims to give them a global appeal. Since its inception in 2007, the brand has been delivering ultimate fashion goals and ideas under the brand of Anita Dongre who happens to be a well-known fashion designer in India. Any woman –from whichever part of the nation or the world can adopt the unparalleled fashion sense offered by Global Desi to look her fashionable best at all times. Be it an official party or a casual get-together, some classic Indian function like wedding, Sangeet, Mehendi, or any other such family get-togethers, you can flaunt a classic Indian attire from Global Desi to add fashion to the overall arena.

The collection offered b Global Desi is predominantly based on Indian cultures and traditions. India is filled with a great diversity in its culture, regions, languages, traditions, colors, and so more. As such, Anita Dongre through her flagship fashion brand as Global Desi wishes to utilize the same to make India more fashionable & colorful. Global Desi draws its inspiration from the rich colors and patterns of Indian handicrafts and utilize the same into its clothing range for an ultimate fashionable fashion brand. Since its launch, the brand has risen substantially to become one of the leading fashion brands in India. Currently, it has 146 exclusive operative stores & brand outlets along with 402 multi-brand outlets across India. In addition to this, Global Desi went global by opening its first outlet in Mauritius in 2013.

Anita Dongre –the Woman Behind India’s High Fashion

Anita Dongre has been at the fashion front since last 20 years. Through her vast experience in the fashion industry, she has been able to create some of the most successful fashion brands in India including the Global Desi. Anita Dongre began her glorious journey into the fashion industry by launching her first-ever fashion outlet named House of Anita Dongre in 1995. Her immense commitment to unmatchable fashion and boho chic version of Indian fashion led her to come up with the innovative idea of Global Desi.

Owing to her immense contributions to the fashion world, Anita Dogre has also been featured on “Growing India” series of CNN India in 2015. In addition to this, she has also been featured on Forbes India, Blackbook Magazine, Business Today and others who have rated her amongst their “50 Most Powerful Women in Business”. In October 2015, Anita was recognized as the “Women Entrepreneur” of the year by CMAI. She also received the prestigious “Kelvinator Shree Shakti Women Awards” in 2014. She has also been accredited with the reputed Vegan Fashion Awards by PETA in 2013.

Given her immense contributions and accomplishments in the fashion industry, Global Desi can be previewed as a leading fashion brand for women’s clothing in India.