Things You Need to Know in Order to Win at Skirmish

Sport shooting has become increasingly popular in the recent years, especially with BB gun games and airsoft gun games. One of the most popular BB gun games is Skirmish. Even though many people love the game, often people find it hard to win, this is why we have come up with a few tips in helping you win the game!

  • To win the game it is essential to find cover, that is why we advise people to find cover when the game begins this way you always have a place to hide if you need to.
  • You need to make sure that you always check the line of sight before running anywhere open, this way you can avoid getting shot.
  • Scan the grounds and look for places which you could use to your advantage, we normally go for high grounds or places where you can hide.
  • If you need to move but you simply can’t because of the opposition, then what we tell people to do is to get one of your team mates fire at them, this way they will have to move and find cover allowing you to move across the ground. Tactical, but it works.
  • Organising teams and assigning roles can be a great help when it comes to winning the game, this is because everyone knows what to do and it can be nearly impossible to mark one person all the time.
  • Don’t get any old equipment, it is important for you to have the best weapons in order to win. So look around and make sure you purchase a high quality gun and don’t forget your camouflage clothes.

The way you play the game is just as important to what you wear, this is because being camouflaged is vital for hiding away from the opposition. Many people who play skirmish take it very seriously, and what I mean by that is they dress camouflaged and also paint their faces in order to win the game and not get shot. Moving slowly and staying quiet often applies to many types of shooting, and this includes the majority of BB gun games, skirmish included. Moving slow is vital because this way you can sneak up on the opposition and target them from behind, and if you’re quiet enough you won’t draw any attention to yourself. People who make loud noises and don’t take the game seriously often lose. However, camouflage doesn’t just stop there, many people even camouflage their gun too in order for the opposition not to spot them.

Like I previously said, having the right gun is vital to any type of shooting, because you wouldn’t see someone going hunting with an airsoft gun, just like you wouldn’t use and air rifle to play games such as this. But don’t be mistaken between airsoft guns and BB guns, yes they’re both used for playing games however they aren’t the same! If you think that skirmish is a game you would like to play, then why not go out and purchase yourself a BB gun, there are plenty of cheap BB guns available which are great quality.

Patricia Patterson