Tips of sending a parcel at cheap rate

Sending a parcel is very common in this world; over millions of parcel were dispatched and delivered in a single day all over the world. Now days one of the biggest uses of the courier service is done by the e-commerce website where they need to deliver the product on time that is order by the customer but these e-commerce website has tie-ups with the courier service so that they get the cheap courier rates to deliver their goods, But what about an individual or common man when you need to send a parcel internationally or domestically as you don’t get much discount when you deliver the parcel.  It is very common for a normal people to send the parcel on the festivals, for official purpose and more, in the shipping of these parcels you have to pay very heavy amount. But there are ways by which you can send your parcel very cheaply.

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How to make your parcel cheap

Comparison –first thing from where you need to start is to compare the courier companies. This you can do very easily because of internet, on internet there are many comparison sites are available from which you can compare the prices of different shipping companies. However if you want to save your time you can simply go to UK cheap international shipping services who can give you the best service at very cheap rate.

Shipping – cost of parcel depend largely on the type of shipping method you choose. Generally there are two different methods of shipping first normal shipping and second is urgent shipping. Urgent shipping mode is usually very expensive because in this they deliver the parcel by the fastest mode of transport. That’s why it is advised that if you want to ship the parcel at cheap rate you should avoid urgent shipping and choose normal shipping. For ex- if you want to send your parcel delivery to USA then send it is via cheapest mode of transport that is send it before time so that you can avoid the expense of express shipping.

Cheap packing – when you pack the parcel it is advised that you should use cheap and weightless thing to wrap the product this is due to the fact that the parcel weight is also very important and fare of parcel decided as per their weight. That’s why it is advised that avoid the use of heavy boxes for packing and instead of this you can wrap the item on newspaper, bubble wrap, fluff bag and more.

Lois Maynard