Tips on how to use shoulder the trend model of summer 2018.

Best of all is that shoulder brings a wide variety of models, colors and even different textures, all to please all audiences who want to use shoulder. ZAFUL

But with so many options, it is difficult to choose a single model. But no problem as we will teach you how to use this piece and present the models that are available in the market for you to choose.

As it has been said, little ciganinha, besides being a trend this summer 2018, it brings a lot of variety to those who want to use this piece, so you can opt for a shoulder with a frilly, ruffled, knitting and lace. shop now

In addition to being able to choose the colors of the ciganinha, such as pastels, or monochromatic, colorful and even striped colors, you can also dare a little and choose different pieces for the top and the bottom.

For example, you can choose a bikini bikini or a frilly blouse to wear with a hot pant or a thong. You can also combine the print of both pieces or use one different from the other to give a visual highlight.

For those who like stripes and monochrome colors, combining the striped top with a lower part with a monochromatic color is a pretty cool option. So it does not get very striped, not that this is a problem, but it is nice to give a variety in the prints.

Another good news regarding the bikini bikini is that it is not restricted only to the beach, the bikini bikini can be easily used as a post beach piece. Just choose your bikini and match it with a shorts or a long skirt, so you do not even need to change clothes to take that walk on the shore or to have lunch.

What is a hand in the wheel, even if we end up on the beach we do not worry much about changing clothes, since the bikini in these regions is a plaything for any occasion, one of the advantages of the beach.

The ciganinha is also a good option for women who have enough breast, because some models give more safety than other types of bikini. Then you can wear the fashion bikini without worrying about breast support, in addition to having a choice of models and colors.

Types of sweaters or bikini bikini

Little girl with ruffles

Anyone who loves detail, the bikini bikini with ruffle is a good option. You can opt for a combination with prints and stripes or opt for neutral colors such as black, white and red, which leaves the look more sophisticated. Remembering that both the top and bottom can be different from each other, both in color and model.

Then, in a day you can choose a thong, a hot pant or a knickers with bow, depending on your mood or even your style.

Little girl with maguinha

This is an ideal piece for those who like to vary in look, because the little bikini with sleeve allows the woman to choose both a piece with the sleeve already inlaid as parts that the sleeve comes separated from the bust, which leaves the piece much more versatile .

This piece is ideal for women who like to wear pieces with a retro look, and the little girl with a mango looks good in the 70’s, bringing sensuality and romanticism to the look.