Understanding the Difference between Fashion Designers and Fashion Stylists

Both of the above professions are considered lucrative, you simply need to establish yourself. The responsibility of fashion designers is to design clothes and it is not imperative for them to be good stylists. I have seen many people who are confused about the work of fashion designersand fashion stylists. There are students who want to pursue a design course, but when you ask them in which field they are interested, they get grossly confused. If your university professor has assigned you an assignment to write about the difference between fashion stylists and designers, then you can buy process essay online.

Both of these profiles are different, but you can switch from one profile to another, providedyou have an adequate amount of experience.

Fashion designers

This is one of the highest profile jobs. Designers are supposed to be creative so that they can design clothing and different fashion ranges. It is up to you as which field you are interested in, you can take a specialization in designing sportswear, handbags or children’s wear. It is up to you whether you want to join a retail brand or a boutique you are interested in working as a freelancer.

Personality traits of fashion designers

A fashion designer is supposed to be creative and artistic in his work. He must have inventive tendency and should work hard to give original work. He must possess the ability to think and visualize how garments will translate when their client will wear them. He is supposed to have good communication skills with object-oriented set of mind. Ability to visual imagination and interest in sketching will help him enhancing his designing skills. He should stay in touch of current marketing trends and has a good understanding of market. Students who are pursuing any of these courses and assigned to write about these professions, then they can buy process essay online.

Fashion stylist

Fashion stylists are responsible to enhance the look of their clients. They make sure that their clients look best before coming in front of a camera or a crowd. Stylists have to check the overall experience of their client so that they can find which styling technique and make up will give their client the desired look. If you are good at your work, then certainly you will build a good clientele.

Personality traits of fashion stylist

Fashion stylist should have a complete knowledge of present trends. He must have good visual imagination. There are situations when and a stylist has to face unwanted situations. Problem solving ability will help him win over these difficult situations. He must be creative with good communication skills.