What are the Advantages of Buying an All in One Printer?

The all in one printers integrate the functions of printer, fax machine, scanner, and copier all in a single device. When you browse through our collection of these versatile and all-rounder printing devices epson ink from 123ink.ca, and if you are wondering to invest in one of them, read on for the benefits it can bestow you with.

  1. All in one convenience

Probably, the biggest advantages you will experience when investing in an all in one printer is the ultimate convenience of possessing the functionalities of all four devices in a single machine. You can scan a document, save it to a USB drive or your PC via Bluetooth, print the document, make as many copies you want to, or even fax away a copy to the necessary clients who aren’t able to check their emails right then. Before the existence of the all in one printers, you would have needed to invest in four different devices to perform these tasks. In other words, extra money to be spent and bulky machines that would take up so much space in your office. This versatile, all-rounder printer is perfect for those working in small office spaces or in a home office.

  1. Saves time

Document handling time is essential for making any business efficient. With the all in one printer, you can scan the document once to carry out multiple functions on it. Now, compare this with the boring process of manually putting in a printed page into a fax machine or putting it inside a photocopier and now you have the all in one printer to save you some time in the long run. Choice is yours!

  1. A cost effective investment

When it comes to money, would you spend less investing in an all in one printer or buying these four devices separately and spending a fortune on these? You would most preferably choose the former. But, if your copies make a lump sum amount of copies it may be budget friendly to use the old photocopier as well, and meet your mass printing needs.

Now as the quality and prices of these all in one printers tend to become more competitive, these versatile devices are now deemed the office equipment of choice for small to medium sized businesses. This article has now enlightened you with the benefits and features it will bestow upon you, if you invest in one. So what are you waiting for?

Patricia Patterson