What Clothing Would You Choose If You Want One?

If you are wondering what brand of clothing you are to choose if you want to buy clothing for yourself being women, it gets much easier if you know what type of cloths fits you the best. The best clothing for women is what makes her more confident. The trends keep on changing, but there is always clothing for every body types in the market. But most of the women are not sure about their body shape. Well don’t worry; Veronica M is there to help you out. Veronica M makes clothing for every body type making it easy for you to look as confident as you always wanted to look. It is very easy to find clothing of your choice from the internet.

    • If you have a tiny waist and curvy figure like an hourglass: So what would you want? You would want to accentuate your curves and not hide them by emphasizing your waist. You can try belt jacket, crop tops, wrap dress, pants which have belted waist and wide-legs, or pencil skirts. They will all focus on your figure show the curve of your body to others and make you look very attractive.
  • If your legs are very slim and you have some more weight on the middle portion of your body:  This type of body shapes are called as an apple boy shape and so you would want to highlight your middle portion less and highlight more of your shoulders and legs. You should try swing coat, flow top, high waist skirt, shift dress, also straight leg pants with low waist would suit you the best.
  • If you are shaped like a banana, like your hips looks like same size as of your waist and you are not curvy: You would want more focus on the part of your waist which is thinnest making your hips and bust look larger and you look proportional. You can try ruffled piece, cropped jacket with banded bottom, side-cutout dress, tapered pants, miniskirts, etc. They will make you look glamorous.
  • If your hips are very wide, known as pear shaped: You would want to focus more on your shoulder and top part of your body by elongating and balancing. Off-the-shoulder dress, A-line skirt, embellished top, boot-cup pant, structured jacket etc are definitely for you. You will be very comfortable to get those clothing.

So, whatever type of body shape you have you should buy cloths that flatter your body type. There’s something always for everyone to look pretty and confident. The main thing about style is that if you can make right kind of fit, you will look attractive anyway.

Just take a deep look over your shape. Stand before a mirror on your underwear. Stand with your legs together and your arms a little bit away from the sides. Now take a look at your arms, your bust, your ribcage, your waist, your hips and thighs, and decide which form of body shape you have and then plan out what clothing to wear. You will definitely be delighted after you have made the choice.


Randy Camp