What You Need to Know Before Buying a Disney Backpack

Backpack shopping is one of the most important things to do when it is the season to get back to school. Buying a backpack to suit the mood and the personality of your child that year should always be kept in mind. But there are certain designs and colours that are timeless and stay with the kids for long periods of time. One such type is that of the Disney backpack. Disney is a memory that every child in the world has grown up with. The characters from Disney movies and songs resonate with the children more than anything. We give you all the things to know about before indulging in this purchase this back-to-school season. Take a look:

  • Consider your child’s liking – Children love all cartoons and characters, but there will be one that they will definitely be obsessed with. Backpacks are a reflection of who and what the kid is. It is always a good idea to consider what your kid likes before buying a backpack for him or her. Disney has all the merchandise to every kid’s liking. You can choose from a variety of colours and characters portrayed on the backpacks.

  • Girl or Boy – Disney has a vast array of cartoons. Backpacks for girls can have Disney princesses on them, backpacks for boys may portray other characters that boy children might find attractive. Depending on whether your child is a boy or girl, you can find characters and colours that might suit them. Princess backpacks generally come in attractive pink shades; other backpacks might have blue colour on them for the boys. Find a one that your child likes the most as Disney has all kinds and varieties to choose from.
  • Quality – While buying any backpack, one should always keep in mind the quality of the material, zippers, other straps and such things. As attractive Disney backpacks might be, it is always better to buy them from an authentic Disney store in order to not waste your money on a rip off product. Check for good quality straps and also the colours of the characters printed on them. Any modifications, you should be able to return or exchange if bought from a Disney store.

  • Strap Comfort – Backpacks are being carried by the children all day long in school. It helps them to carry the stuff required for school so that they don’t forget anything important. When carrying things, it is always important to have a certain level of comfort. This will ensure that the children don’t end up getting any neck or back injury. Backpacks should be in such a way that they go around the body of the child in a way that it hugs them from all sides. This will ensure that the bag stays on without tilting down from the back, thereby reducing any risks of the child getting hurt.

  • Warranty – Any product you buy should come with a warranty period. Disney backpacks, when bought from authentic sources, are given a certain period of warranty within which you can always go ahead and change or give the backpack for service. Make sure you ask for a warranty card or receipt so that you can show it later at the time when it is needed. Don’t indulge in purchasing products that are not under any warranty period. It will lead to complications later.  

Disney backpacks or not, it is always important to follow the basics of buying a backpack. Durability and good prices on Disney backpacks are available both in stores and online.

Janet Ford