Which natural ingredients are good For your eyelashes?

Eyelashes look better only if they are healthy and voluminous. Applying mascara is even more appealing for your face for instance. However, the getting a much better understanding of how to take care of your eyelashes will help you in a long-run.

Harmful chemicals in mascaras could only do more destruction to your eyelashes but ruin them in the process; they are the cause of brittle and week eyelashes. Therefore it is important to check if the mascara you are using has the following ingredients that promote healthy growth than provide instant gratification.

Here are few tips for those who missed out on naturally available beauty ingredients that best for your eyelashes.

Vitamin E:

Capsules that contain Vitamin E are easily available in the regular pharmaceuticals. They are a rich source of anti-oxidants that promote hair growth and enhance beauty. For years vitamin E has remained the topmost choice of any beauty expert mainly because it helps in improving the blood circulations in the hair follicles. Regular application of Vitamin E oil will fetch you thicker and longer eyelashes besides consistent strong growth. To take care of your eyelashes it’s advisable to leave it for an overnight for best results. You can buy Vitamin E capsules from the stores.  All you need to do is to prick them open with a pin and apply the oil on your lashes.

Olive oil:


Olive oil is no doubt called as an elixir due to their innumerable benefits health-wise and act as great nutrients for skin and hair as well.  Olive oil can be ingested and applied externally as well. Virgin olive extracts are used in cooking. A mixture of the essential oils with Olive oil applied to the eyelashes boost growth naturally. Especially beauty experts advise storing the mixture of olive oil with castor oil in a recyclable bottle as these oils together work on your eyelashes like magic. This is useful because they contain plenty of anti-oxidants and fatty acids that in turn nourish your eyelashes.

Other essential oils:

Nourishment benefits ensure faster growth of hair follicles besides offering better blood circulation.  You can try the combination by also blending two or more essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, and diluted tea tree oil and so on but be a bit careful because it will sting since the area around your eyes is really sensitive.

Soaking the wand in nourishing oils prior use is a good choice to avoid dripping of excess oil or smothering them in the process.