Why does everyone love minions?

In case you haven’t noticed, Minions are everywhere. They rule the meme world, they can be found on the box of cereal, on your friend’s shirt, on potato bags, plastic covers and whatnot. The small, yellow, cylindrical creatures with one or two eyes have somehow managed to capture the hearts of millions of people. Now we may not understand them most of the times but they have surely succeeded in enthralling us with an overload of cuteness and a dash of villainy. They Minions have garnered such a huge fan base because they illustrate a simple way of expressing complicated feelings that does not even require the use of a coherent language. People see them as a symbol of friendship, unyielding loyalty and diversity. Best of all, they are easy; easy to get into and easy to get out of. They don’t demand commitment like a series like Sherlock. They are a happy and fun loving bunch which inturn makes people enjoy themselves. They know how to handle responsibilities and pour all their might into doing their work – no matter how big or small it is. They celebrate their uniqueness and not condemn anyone for being different. The fact that the story Minion presents is not half bad and it actually makes the viewers laugh is among the many reasons why everyone has fallen head over heels for these yellow little creatures. It might be advertised as it a kids movie but the real charm lies in the fact that adults want to see it just as much. This is why Minions appeal to all ages, gender and races. They have taken over the world and you have to be living under a rock to be unaware of their existence. On that note, I have made a list of some unique gifts that you could give to the minion lover in your life. I am sure they’d be over the moon receiving anything related to these goofy munchkins.

  • Minions Cord Winders

A perfect gift for a friend/partner who loves their wires untangled as much as they love minions. It is available on Bigsmall.

  • Minions Coffee Mug

Give this to the Minion enthusiast in your life and make them feel like they are one in a minion. Get it from Amazon.

  • Minions Circle Scarf

See this infinity scarf as a symbol of your infinite love for your friend and of their infinite love for the Minions. Buy it from Etsy.

  • Wireall Minions Earphones 

These cute Minions style earphones would make for a nice gift for any minion lover. They got the value for price and will not fail to provide classy sound.  It’s available on Amazon.

  • Minion Art Box

Why should adults have all the fun? The kids make up a huge part of the Minions fanbase and any kid would be happy to receive a cute minion art box. Study and fun at the same time, now isn’t that a win-win deal? Buy it from Bigsmall.


Patricia Patterson